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cayo perico: if you let the casino guards kill you during the vault codes prep, you will automatically complete the prep

cayo perico: if you let the casino guards kill you during the vault codes prep, you will automatically complete the prep submitted by tato462 to gtaonline [link] [comments]

How does the link to automatically collect chips for Billionaire Casino work?
I've seen this link several times but I am confused and can't seem to get it to work.
  1. I assume I should use it from mobile since that's where I play it is
  2. However, it then asks me to download Huuuge Casino. If I do, then I have an entirely new profile
  3. Should I be linking my FB page to Billionaire Casino to get it to work?
  4. If I do go to the link from mobile, it just takes me to the play store as noted, and even when I tried checking off/collecting all of the boxes with Huuuge Casino downloaded, again it just took me to that. If I try to go directly to the FB page for Billionaire Casino and click a link they post, it again just downloads Huuuge Casino.
I feel really stupid, ha, so if someone could explain this to me in greater detail I'd really appreciate it. I am just CRAWLING and some people talk about how they got to 160 in 1-2 days and I'm stuck here at like 38 or something and never seem to get more than 20 mil chips before I start losing them (only doing slots now, which I'm sure is part of the problem). But if I could make bigger bets and get lucky that'd be great, I just need more coins so this seems to be a good idea.
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LoveinDIY Casino Automatic 1-2 Deck Card Shuffler-Great for Travel Home Leisure Playing Card Game

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I made Loop Casino - my automatic pop loop creation tool - available for free (for a limited time)

As a lot of people have to sit at home these days, I thought perhaps I could help get your creative juices flowing with an inspirational tool for Windows (tested in Windows 10).
  1. Watch a demo here.
  2. Grab it from here.
  3. Here is its subreddit, for some tips and tricks.
The user pushes a single button and Loop Casino generates a 4 bar melody, together with a chord progression and chord rhythm and a bass line over a straight or break beat.
I keep updating the app based on user feedback.
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Stakeprofits limbo game new ** 2020** automatic bot for stake casino - ...

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Casino CardBoard Automatic Card Shuffle poker

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Casino CardBoard Automatic Card Shuffler poker

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Casino CardBoard Automatic Card Shuffler poker

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Casino CardBoard Automatic Card Shuffler poker

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Will stun gun automatically come along with our weapons during casino heist?

I'm planning to do my first casino heist today. But i don't know whether the stun gun will automatically come to me during the heist.. Can someone help?
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Automatic kick from lobby on casino heist?

Even as host i get immediately kicked from the lobby for the casino heist mission. Whys that??
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I was at the casino last night and the automatic soap dispenser sputtered and spit soap all over my hand and shirt.

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It seems your life total is not as high as you had claimed, Mr. Bond

It seems your life total is not as high as you had claimed, Mr. Bond submitted by 8BitConjuror to magicthecirclejerking [link] [comments]

It's a joke that Twitch doesn't automatically ban casino/gambling channels with 20k viewers and 0 followers

They literally pop up one after the other. Twitch obviously takes notice because they get banned after a bit, but realistically they should be deleted immediately when reaching such an absurd viewer to follower ratio.
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Sometimes,Casino Heist prep missions are too easy....(This is a boat btw. The AIs is so stupid,it automatically drives/flies towards you when it sees you and sometimes it gets stuck at the most ridiculous places)

Sometimes,Casino Heist prep missions are too easy....(This is a boat btw. The AIs is so stupid,it automatically drives/flies towards you when it sees you and sometimes it gets stuck at the most ridiculous places) submitted by Sparky_Shepard to gtaonline [link] [comments]

I've made a script for automatically hacking the gta online casino heist doors

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Does the Enus Paragon you get from finishing the Casino missions automatically insured, and does it automatically get stored in your garage?

What is the process of getting the Enus Paragon after completing the Casino missions? Will you be called by Ms. Baker? Will you get the car automatically in your garage? Is the car automatically insured?
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[End of Dragons] Ideas for 9 new Canthan elite specializations

Few new elite specialization ideas for the Canthan expansion, with no new weapon types involved:

Elementalist: Skyfire

Mesmer: Trickster

  • Gain Spectres instead of Clones. Spectres are weaker than clones, but replicate themselves on destruction, reducing their size and power. A normal spectre will spawn two medium spectres, a medium spectre will spawn two small spectres, and a small spectre won't replicate any further. Shatter skills affect all spectres no matter their size, adjusting their strength to the size of each shattered spectre.
  • You can wield the Shortbow weapon in combat. All five shortbow skills work as channeled skills, employing multiple consecutive projectiles at once. Each of these projectiles is weaker individually, but their combined effect has the same strength as any common ranged weapon. When all the projectiles hit their target, the strength of the combined effects double.
  • Gain access to Shout slot skills. Shout effects are divided in three phases, each triggered by one of the three spectre sizes. The first phase is triggered by the mesmer and normal spectres, the second by medium spectres, and the third by small spectres. Completing the three phases will unlock an additional fourth effect, triggered by all spectres at once. Shouts are inspired by Canthan poetry, each phase covering one out of four verses.

Necromancer: Apothecary

  • Gain Plague Bomb, Toxic Pollen, Afflicted Miasma, Scarab Spore, and Plague Shroud instead of Death Shroud. Plague Bomb throws an explosive to the target area. Toxic Pollen, Afflicted Miasma, and Scarab Spore work as enchancements for your bombs. Activate and combine them to modify the effects of your plague bomb, leading to a total of eight possible combinations. Plague Shroud turns the necromancer into a walking combo field. All plague skills consume life force.
  • You can wield the Pistol weapons in combat. Pistol skills gain additional effects depending on the active plague enhancements.
  • Gain access to Elixir slot skills. Elixirs work as ammunition skills, consume their charges sparingly to gain various passive effects, or consume them all at once to induce a frontal area of effect vomit attack.

Engineer: Dreadnought

  • Gain Dreadnought Suit and Phase Shield instead of tool belt skill five. Activate the Dreadnought Suit to drive your own combat armor, gaining alternate tool belt and weapon skills for all your engineering kits. Phase Shield will replace your endurance bar while the dreadnought suit is active, sacrificing dodge rolling in exchange of a bonus health bar.
  • You can wield the Mace weapons in combat. Mace skills are inspired by the core engineer Tool Kit utility skill, which has been removed and replaced by a new gadget elite skill. Additionally, maces are not exclusive for the dreadnought elite specialization, and once unlocked can be used by the core profession and any other elite specializations as well.
  • Gain access to one new healing engineering kit, one new utility gadget, one new utility elixir, one new utility engineering kit, one new utility turret, and one new elite engineering kit. These new slot skills are exclusive for the dreadnought elite specialization.

Ranger: Bulwark

  • Gain Pet Focus instead of Pet Swap. Both pets are deployed in combat simultaneously, pet focus letting you command the beast skills of one pet at a time.
  • You can wield the Shield weapon in combat. The fifth weapon skill turns defensive mode on and off, reducing your movement speed in exchange of alternate weapon skills. This affects the fourth shield skill, as well as all three skills from main-hand axe, main-hand spear, and main-hand sword.
  • Gain access to Venom slot skills. Venom effects are applied to the ranger, both pets, and up to four other nearby allies. Once used against a target enemy, their negative effects stack, increasing their strength the more hits the target receives.
  • Find and tame Juvenile Crab, Juvenile Eel, and Juvenile Phoenix pets during your journey across Cantha.

Thief: Shadowblade

  • Gain Shadow Blade and Shadow Strike instead of Steal. Shadow Blade summons an exact copy of the thief, with half the attributes and health. This shadow blade companion will follow the thief for ten seconds, mimicking all of his actions within a delay of two seconds. Shadow Strike commands the companion to shadowstep to the target foe and gain a stolen skill.
  • You can wield the Greatsword weapon in combat. The first weapon skill has five chain steps instead of the usual three. Weapon skills two to five gain stronger effects the further the chain progresses, and will not interrupt it when used. Successful hits by the shadow blade will count as a step forward for any chains on progress, greatsword or not.
  • Gain access to Stance slot skills. Stance effects are applied simultaneously to both the thief and the shadow blade.

Guardian: Spiritcaller

  • Gain Virtue Attunement instead of Virtue Activation, Just was Xun Rao instead of Virtue of Justice, Resolute was Reiko instead of Virtue of Resolve, and Courageous was Ashu instead of Virtue of Courage. Attune to a virtue to strengthen its passive effect, disabling the effects of the other two virtues in the process.
  • You can wield the Warhorn weapon in combat. The warhorn gains alternate weapon skills depending on the active attunement.
  • Gain access to Spirit slot skills. Just like warhorn skills, spirits gain different effects depending on the active attunement.

Revenant: Windwalker

  • Gain Wind Walk instead of dodge rolling. Hold the dodge key to dash instead of dodging, dash distance increasing the longer you hold down.
  • You can wield the Greatsword weapon in combat. Weapon skills two to five work as charge skills, gaining stronger effects the longer you hold down. Wind Walk does not cancel charge skills, giving it good synergy with greatsword skills.
  • Invoke the power of the legendary tengu windwalker, Tsuru Whitewing, and gain access to Legendary Windwalker slot skills. All five windwalker skills depict famous tengu paintings, representing different events across tengu history. Skills six to nine represent how each of the four tengu houses came to be, in turn inspired by the four winds. The elite skill, "The Great Wave off Shing Jea", represents the Great Tsunami itself, and the culmination of the tengu journey.

Warrior: Thunderlord

  • Gain Thunder Bell instead of Burst weapon levels 2 and 3. Thunder Bell summons a mystical cannon bundle, which can alternate between ranged and melee modes through weapon swap. Carry it on your left shoulder to fire thunderbolts against your enemies, or use both hands to wield it as a blunt weapon and crush them at close combat. Thunder Bell is considered a level 2 burst skill, and once activated, both the ranged and melee versions will replace the previous weapon bursts with their own level 3 burst skills.
  • You can wield the Staff weapon in combat. Weapon skills two to five work as sequence skills, unlocking additional skills on successful hits.
  • Gain access to Preparation slot skills. Preparations gain stronger effects depending on individual adrenaline thresholds.
Some lore tidbits, for those interested:
  • Elementalist - Skyfire: Ancient naga battlemages, brought back from the dead as the frozen waters of the Jade Sea brim with life once again. Horrorized at the woes of the modern world, they gather the Luxon clans and the kappa tribes for war.
  • Mesmer - Trickster: Members of the Jade Sisterhood, they run the brothels, casinos, and theatres of Kaineng City. They specialize on blackmail, bribery, and deception. Their influence seeps deep into the Canthan aristocracy, making them impervious to the law.
  • Necromancer - Apothecary: Cultists of the Am Fah, self-proclaimed freedom fighters for the lower classes and lesser races of the empire. They will stop at nothing to overthrow the emperor, resorting to biological terrorism if necessary. After all, they can always blame the Celestial Ministry.
  • Engineer - Dreadnought: The noble men and women who drive the war machines of the empire, their combat armors admired and feared by allies and enemies alike. Rumor says their cannons are powered by the spirits of ancient deities, imprisoned by the dark sorcerers of the empire.
  • Ranger - Bulwark: Elusive beastmasters of the sidhe race, renown wardens of the Echovald Forest. Driven crazy after the Jade Wind, few survived to regain their sanity. As the Kurzick rebels and their dredge allies expand carelessly across the forest, conflict will once again be inevitable.
  • Thief - Shadowblade: Assassins of the Obsidian Flame, gone rogue after the guild was disbanded by the Celestial Ministry. They wage a secret war against the empire's corruption, supported from the inside by the remaining loyalist factions. Their numbers are thin, but their resolve unshakeable.
  • Guardian - Spiritcaller: Forefront of the Celestial Ministry, guardians of tradition, followers of the old ways, and the last remaining ritualists of Cantha. Mouthpieces for the imperial propaganda, they channel the echoes of the fallen heroes of the empire, binding the spirits of criminals to their service.
  • Revenant - Windwalker: Elite tengu bodyguards and executioners, they pay for the crimes of their Sensali ancestors with lifetime service and utmost devotion to the human imperial throne, deeming their brothers beyond the sea as nothing but despicable traitors.
  • Warrior - Thunderlord: Warrior monks of the Sai Ling Order, they commune with the Great Celestials to channel their might, embarking on quests across the countryside in search of deeper enlightenment, vowing to, one day, become Closer to the Stars.

Bonus: New weapon types

Few new weapon type ideas, for a total of 18 ground weapons:
As part of a new player experience, each core profession would unlock some of the old and new weapon types for free, without any elite specialization requirements:
  • Elementalist: Greatsword, Polearm.
  • Mesmer: Pistol (main-hand), Warhorn.
  • Necromancer: Axe (off-hand), Polearm.
  • Engineer: Scepter, Knuckles (main-hand and off-hand), Focus.
  • Ranger: Spear.
  • Thief: Spear, Knuckles (main-hand and off-hand).
  • Guardian: Spear.
  • Revenant: Axe (main-hand), Mace (off-hand), Knuckles (main-hand and off-hand).
  • Warrior: Polearm.
Further unlocks would become possible through either new elite specializations or additional updates to the core professions. Note that this section is independent from the new elite specialization ideas.
Had these gathering dust for quite a while now, figured I'd rewrite and post them.
Hope you liked the read!
EDIT: Same thread at the official forums.
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The toilets in this casino have sanitary seat covers that automatically change with the swipe of your hand.

The toilets in this casino have sanitary seat covers that automatically change with the swipe of your hand. submitted by shweelay to mildlyinteresting [link] [comments]


Anyone need help with a heist or want to help a low level starting gta on pc? I have experience from ps4 gta but I’m starting out new and completely broke. Would appreciate any help. SC: Schros_kitty
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A street investigation into why marijuana prices are going up in Kentucky. "Weed Dealers in Louisville Are Struggling in the Pandemic"—Countere Magazine

A street investigation into why marijuana prices are going up in Kentucky. submitted by zachdit to Kentucky [link] [comments]

Anyone non-Native American born in a Native American casino should automatically be part of that Native American nation

For example, a white baby born on Navajo land should be considered part of the Navajo nation.
You don't agree? It doesn't make sense? Well neither does birthright citizenship.
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