Surveillance: Concepts and practices

Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board 2 Security & Surveillance Topic Covers A Broad Range of Gaming Functions & Activities Surveillance o Watching casinos (both gaming area and non-gaming areas) via closed circuit TV system o Alerting casino security and PSP when a crime is observed o Monitoring and/or documenting suspicious behavior o Documenting patron accidents and any incidents which present In today’s massive casinos, five-star hotels merge with gargantuan, themed buildings, encompassing entire city blocks and housing restaurants, bars, theaters, nightclubs, gaming tables, slot machines, ATMs, snack bars, gift shops, and even the occasional theme park. A casino’s security division, therefore, must function much like the police department of an entire town. This discussion The purposes of the casino licensee's surveillance operation include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) Protecting the safety of the public. (2) Monitoring regulatory compliance with IC 4-33, IC 4-35, and this title. (3) Safeguarding the assets of the casino licensee. (4) Maintaining the overall integrity of the gaming operation. (Indiana Gaming Commission; 68 IAC 12-1-0.5; filed Jun Casino-based tourism or “junkets” are identified as a vulnerability as they involve the cross border movement of people and funds and often target high net-worth / VIP clients. Transparency of the movement of funds is an issue with junkets, due to gaps in controls, and weak implementation and supervision. The emerging issue of high-seas cruise ship casinos and associated junkets is a Almost all incidences of cheating, theft, fraud, or loss can be detected through the surveillance of critical transactions, audit observations, and reviews of key metrics. Providing proven-techniques for detecting and mitigating the ever-evolving threats to casino security, this book covers the core skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to protect casino assets, guests, and employees casino operation. Surveillance management will need to work with all the other departments to make this program work. The results are amazing. Day 1 - Day 6: Learning the Front Line Casino Finance Locations Day 1- Casino Cage: A surveillance trainee enters the casino cage and spends a day shadowing the working day of a casino cage cashier while learning their duties. Day 2 - Casino Cage: The Just reading this manual can make you a harder target. Because of the resources & capabilities of our enemy, Surveillance operators can be of any race, ethnicity, size, shape, etc., wearing any style of clothing, listening to any type of music, etc. Not only are police & intelligence agents used, so too are civilians & family members. They can be men, women, youth, or elders (i.e., the in the Protection Officer Training Manual (2003), security officers outnumber law enforcement officers three to one. Operational budgets mirror this statistic, which is relevant to the importance of security officers and particularly the proactive side of asset protection. Surveillance: Concepts and Practices for Fraud, Security and Crime Investigation Page 2 The role of the surveillance Casino Surveillance Training Manual related files: 32c558c05d57f4acc20bdfe796bd0c77 Powered by TCPDF ( 1 / 1 Surveillance Principles I Gaming and Cheating Definitions: Types of Gamblers - Advantage Play, Purpose and Function of Surveillance, Training and Barriers to Training, Most Basic Indicators, Camouflaged Holes, and Chain of Command. Surveillance Principles II Teamwork (Security, Surveillance, Operations, Management), Internal Theft and Fraud Basic Principles, Politics in the Casino Organization

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