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Orbs, EVP’s, spirits touching. Started for me in Deadwood, SD. My story.

TL:DR Skeptical Christian man visits a haunted hotel in Deadwood, SD, experiences real activity and now believes. Now experiencing things at home that he never experienced prior to that trip. Has lots of clips and vids of orbs and EVP’s. Do you want me to share more of these clips?
Sorry, this is really long. So I am not sure if this is the place to share this type of stuff. Most of what I experience are orbs, occasional EVP’s and the sensations of being touched at various times.
Before I share, let me tell you a little about me. I am 42 years old, a Christian, married for almost 20 years and have a 7 year old child. I grew up watching horror films and they never bothered me too much. As I got older, I would pray and ask God for signs, etc and never felt like I received what I was asking for. I was always fascinated by paranormal stuff, movies, shows, etc but also very skeptical. I wanted to experience something on my own before I could fully accept it as real. I am a photographer and have been one now for about 10 years. Since I’m a photographer, I’ve always felt like orbs were easy to explain away. Dust particles, sun flare, any type of light flare, sensor issues, reflections, flashes, you name it. So many of the “orbs” I saw were always explainable and for me not real. I believe that is true for so many of the orb videos that are out there still. Many are not real orbs.
One of the shows I was watching for a while was Ghost Adventures and I had seen an episode where they were in Deadwood, SD researching the Bullocks Hotel. Well, it just so happened that my wife and I were going to be in Deadwood back in February 2019 and I wanted to check out the hotel. They had a ghost tour so I paid the $10 and went on the tour. Since it was February and fricking cold, nobody was there. I mean, I’m not sure they had ANY people staying in this hotel that night. I’m sure they did, but I didn’t see anybody that looked like a guest that night. I saw the lady from the tour, another lady working the counter and I think one person on a slot machine in the casino part of the hotel.
She had me download an app that would supposedly let me receive communication from the spirits. I was skeptical, but whatever. I downloaded the app and it had a radar that would supposedly show where the spirit was standing in relation to me and random words would appear. Seemed cheesy and far fetched, but the words that kept appearing actually seemed relevant. Like the guide would discuss things and the words that popped up were appropriate to her conversation. Could just be a coincidence, but whatever. Then we were taking photos using our iPhones in various parts of the hotel using the “Live” mode for the pictures. The guide told me it was easier to capture orbs that way because we could actually see them moving when we watched the Live Photo/video. Here’s the thing. It actually worked. I was seeing these white flashes of light moving throughout the basement and we captured them in photos. When I began sharing the photos with the guide, we realized something major that she said she had never noticed or captured before. The Live Photo’s also captured a number of EVP’s.
There was one part of the tour where she said a little girl is often seen or heard on the floor. I went along with it and words were popping up on the app, a dot was on the screen for a long time where she supposedly was and the guide said she was following us. Since I have a daughter of my own, I began talking to this spirit as I would with my own daughter. The guide said she is normally shy around men and only comes out with women usually. I figured she felt safe around me and again acted like I would with my own daughter. Again, still pretty skeptical but playing along all the same. When we were walking the hall, we stopped in one spot and the guide was saying she could see a mist like substance in the air so we took some pictures. There was NOBODY around except me and this adult woman tour guide. The Live Photo captured a little girls voice clear as day saying “Tonight?” I didn’t hear it until days later when I got home, but once I heard that, I began listening to all of the photos. I heard one that sounded like a creepy voice say, “demon” another that said “I am” in a deep males voice in a room the guide said she thought Seth Bullock spent time in and upon us entering it smelled like an older male. We asked if anybody was there and captured that EVP. In the basement, I played on the piano and she captured a massive orb fly over my head and a disembodied sound of old style music playing. (There was no music playing in the basement at that time. I confirmed it in other videos).
Needless to say, I was in awe of everything. I began playing around with that app at home for a while and didn’t feel like I was getting relevant words or anything so I figured it was a novelty thing in a non haunted situation. However, I began realizing I was capturing orbs and EVP’s in Live Photo’s at home now. Things I had never done in my first 42 years of life, now all of a sudden I was seeing everywhere. The veil appeared to have been lifted. I began noticing large quantities of orbs on our old baby camera and I set it up to experiment and see if they were actually orbs or dust.
I began to get nervous that I had brought something back with me. In fact, it’s still possible that’s what happened. All I know is i capture orb activity all the time now. I began praying and doing various things to cast out or clear any bad energy from my house. As an experiment, I would record myself doing this stuff on the baby monitor to see if the orbs cleared out or reacted in any unusual way. One day when I was praying and playing music from YouTube that claimed to clear negative energy, I actually felt something grab my foot. I have the moment on video when I react to something touching my foot by lifting my foot up. Immediately after doing so, a large orb/spirit anomaly shot up from under my foot. A few seconds later, I am still looking down trying to figure out what touched me.
Now, I get touched all the time and I don’t think much of it, but all I can say is, it’s all real. People say orbs are t anything but dust. I call bullshit on that. Dust doesn’t GRAB you. Also, random voices don’t just appear out of thin air. I bought one of those EMF detectors and it’s fascinating to me because it does NOT go off in my house even though I know what I am experiencing is paranormal. I’m still trying to figure out what that means. Not sure if lower vibrational energies set them off or if it’s caused for some other reason. I have a lot of these videos capturing either orbs or EVP’s. Is this something anybody would want to see more of here? This clip is the little girl’s voice I captured at the Bullock Hotel. Please comment if you want to see more. Thank you. Spirit voice of little girl says, “Tonight?” in EVP
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Short story: Paranormal experience in Deadwood, SD

Just thought I'd share this.
In October 2011, 3 years ago day, I stayed at the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood SD while traveling across the country. I was a fan of the television show on HBO, so I was pretty excited to be there for the night.
The Bullock Hotel is pretty notorious for being haunted by Seth Bullock, the sheriff and small business owner of Deadwood. He is more sordid on the television show, but in real life was a pretty stand up guy according to accounts. Since he wasn't a murderer and was one of the "good guys" so to speak, it's probably a more welcoming paranormal experience for a lot of people, if that makes sense.
Well, story short, the Hotel is modern and creepy at the same time. Even though the bottom floor is basically a casino, the rooms maintain a 19th century feel. The floors creak, the doors are wooden, and take keys that you'd pick up in Resident Evil.
The extent of my "encounter";
I walked in my room and put my bag down on the bed. I left for an hour or two to go sight seeing. When I returned to the room, my bad was sitting in the chair on the other side of the room.
Yeah, it was a rough night after that.
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ROOM #213 at the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, SD. The Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, South Dakota. - YouTube Deadwood S.D. The Bullock Hotel, in Seth's Cellar - YouTube The Black Hills  Deadwood, SD - Main St, Casinos, food ... DEADWOOD SOUTH DAKOTA SD BULLOCK HOTEL WHORE HOUSE WILD ... Midwest Ghost Hunterz, Bullock Hotel Hauntings Deadwood ... SOUTH DAKOTA - Bullock Hotel In Deadwood! - Paranormal ... Silverado Hotel and Casino in Deadwood

Step back in time and walk through the very same corridors, rooms, and hallways that Deadwood’s first Sheriff, Seth Bullock, himself still proudly haunts! Experience 19th century history and elegance combined with 21st century amenities. Deadwood’s first hotel is restored to its breathtaking Victorian décor.The Bullock Hotel offers historic deluxe accommodations, 24-hour gaming action ... Ab 52€ (5̶8̶€̶) bei Tripadvisor: Hotel Bullock, Deadwood. 455 Bewertungen, 248 authentische Reisefotos und günstige Angebote für Hotel Bullock. Bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 15 von 26 Hotels in Deadwood mit 4/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Die Preise wurden am 2.11.2020 bei einem Ankunftsdatum am 15.11.2020 errechnet. Today the hotel is the most photographed building in Deadwood and still provides the most luxurious historical accommodations in the area. The Historic Bullock Hotel & Casino offers historic deluxe accommodations, 24-hour gaming action, the Gentlemen’s Bar, fine dining at Bully’s Restaurant, and Seth’s Cellar for weddings, meetings, banquets and more. Simply the Best Hotel in Downtown Deadwood… The Bullock Hotel is the Jewel of Downtown Deadwood. With much tradition and historic ambience, Deadwood’s first and finest hotel is waiting for you. Step back in time and walk through the very same corridors, rooms and hallways that Deadwood’s first Sheriff, Seth Bullock, still proudly “haunts”. Treat yourself to 19th Century history and ... A very cool old hotel with a small casino and restaurant right on the main drag in the center of Deadwood. Stayed in the Roosevelt Suite and it was beautifully appointed and roomy with three windows overlooking Main Street from which we were able to watch one of the gun fights that occur daily. Had a micro, refer, coffee maker and a sink. Bed was good. The shower was great and there was a ... The Historic Bullock Hotel, Deadwood, SD. Restored Victorian Hotel. Offsite parking. Wi-Fi. Sorry no pets and no smoking. Return to 800.344.8826; Live Chat; Sign In; View Cart; Lodging ; Events; Deadwood Deals; Days of 76 Seating Chart × Bullock Hotel Book Now! 633 Main Street, Deadwood, SD Availability; Map; Amenities; Policies; Bullock Hotel - Deadwood SD. Bullock Hotel Casino ... Please contact Bullock Hotel Casino at (605) 578-1745 to find out payment options & Other details. Nearby Hotels & Motels. Here is a list of Hotels & Motels close to Bullock Hotel Casino. View all Hotels & Motels in Deadwood, or Hotels & Motels in Zip code 57732. Map Directions sms Branch House. 633 Main St, Deadwood, SD-57732 (605) 578-1745 Deadwood has always been. a destination for Celebrities. Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Poker Alice, Al Swearengen & Seth Bullock. Now at the Celebrity Hotel see outfits from. John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Terminator, Tom Selleck and many more. Over 80 movie props are on display. Families are always Welcome! An American breakfast is served every morning in restaurant at Historic Bullock Hotel. Guests can enjoy dining at the gastronomic restaurant. There is also a lounge bar. Serving a wide range of dishes, The Deadwood Social Club, Mustang Sally's and Saloon No. 10 can be reached within 5 minutes’ walk. Leisure. The hotel provides a casino and a bar. Historic Bullock Hotel. 633 Main Street Deadwood, SD 57732. Reservations: 1-800-336-1876. Group Sales Information: 605-578-1745. Make a reservation Location

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ROOM #213 at the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, SD.

deadwood south dakota sd bullock hotel whore house, home of wild bill & clamity jane.. looking up main st. Deadwood, SD ~ Boondocking Downtown - Duration: ... 4:21. Deadwood S.D. The Bullock Hotel, in Seth's Cellar - Duration: 6:52. Mountain Shadows Paranormal Research 5,121 views. 6:52. 5 Things You ... For overall best performance watch on phone or tablet with screen brightness at max. Deadwood, SD is a small town with casinos, top quality restaurants, 5 st... I received EVP's capturing the essence of the old west, with talk of shooting and getting shot as well as bar room love. Numerous unexplained anomalies were ... Investigation into the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood, SD A little tour around my favorite casino in Deadwood, South Dakota. #TheBullovkHotel inDeadwood, South Dakota. We are talking to John Juso. He was on an episode of Ghost Adventures #ghostsdvebtures when they were here. The S... MY SOCIAL MEDIA: Add Me On Facebook - Facebook - Twitter - https://www.t...