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Sasha Sobhani Website

Sasha Sobhani Website
Sasha Sobhani started his online betting business in the early nineties. Some time later, when Sasha and Montigo met, Sasha Sobhani launched the ABT90 site سایت ای بی تی 90 ساشا سبحانی , which is now one of the top 10 Iranian site in the field of online betting. In the continuation of this article, we will get acquainted with Sasha Sobhani and the ABT90 site.
The address of Sasha Sobhani ABT90 betting site is always informed through social networks and the application of this site.
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Benefits of Sasha Sobhani site explosion game
The explosion game of ABT90 site has been reviewed by us. Even during the site's quiet hours at noon or midnight, more than 100 people are playing in the abt90 blast بازی انفجار. Game coefficients are well distributed. So that if you want Martingale in the explosion game, you can count on Sasha Sobhani's site.
Dear fans, to enter the abt90 site, you can also use the exclusive application of this website for the explosion game. In addition to bringing filtering to your knees, this app can give you a higher speed. This speed can be your trump card in the vital moments of the blast game.

If you have ever experienced betting in this game, you must know that methods such as hacking and cheating will not be used on the ABT90 betting site . So you have to learn the necessary and good training to bet in this game so that you can finally succeed with the right performance.
ABT90 site is an online football prediction site that has tried to provide users with the possibility of predicting all the games that are played on the day of the world. For this purpose, our site has provided various facilities for all users of all tastes. Having these facilities is undoubtedly one of the biggest football prediction sites.
How to predict on Sasha Sobhani site?
To start predicting, you must first create an account on.The process of creating an account is very easy and secure. You can create your account by filling out the registration form.
How to register on abt90 site:
- Click at the top of the page.
- Follow the registration process.
- Then check your email.
- Click on the activation link sent in the email to activate your account.
As soon as your account is activated, to start the forecast on the site, you must top up your account balance on the site, which you can top up your account by purchasing from the bank's secure portal with all the country's accelerator cards. External ports will soon be added to the site to charge credit.
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Love? Give it six months

Love? Give it six months

Warning: this story will contain mentions of unhealthy relationships and adult themes. The main character also has some character traits that may differs from your own, please do keep that in mind.
Review and comments will be appreciated
There once was a dashing bachelor
(That looked like )(uses the OH male feces)
Face 1
Face 2
Face 3
Face 4
James Bond (black slick backed)
Don Diego Vega (dark brown wavy hair slicked back long neck)
Steve Rogers (Short blonde side swept hair)
Agent J (Short kinky curls)
Is this him?
No (go back to customisation)
What is his name?
(Default: George)
(Default: Bishop)
There he meets
A beautiful woman
A handsome man
A beautiful woman
Face 1 (Asian; has pale skin, dark almond eyes, straight black mid-back hair with a mid-part)
Face 2 (Hispanic: has tan skin, deep brown eye and over shoulder-length volumes wavy hair with side bangs.)
Face 3 (Afro-American: dark skin, expressive brown eyes with long blackish brown chest-length kinky curly hair.)
Face 4 (Caucassian: pinkish skin with freckles, clear blue round eyes, collarbone length layered dirty blonde hair)
A handsome man
Face 1 (Asian: pale skin, dark almond eyes, straight black hair put up in a pompadour style)
Face 2 (Hispanic: tan skin, with slicked back wavy hair that always looks like it is coming undone.)
Face 3 (Afro-American: dark skin, expressive brown eyes, with a crewcut with tight natural curls.)
Face 4 (Caucasian: pinkish skin with freckles, clear blue eyes, dirty blonde hair in a Taper haircut.)
As the two peoples eyes lock across the room. The sensation of a pull drives them to get closer to one another.
As the dashing bachelor offered his hand his partner gladly accepted it. Leading into a dance that lasted the rest of the night.
The whole world faded away to the sound of the Jazz band, their breathing and their dancing.
As their lips moved to meet...
???: “Oh come now Joanna, you know that is no way that would ever happen.”

(Record Scratch)
Joanna: “Oh for craps sake, George I was getting to the best part.”
George: “Forgive me for finding it uncomfortable that you have decide how my love life is going to go.”
Lance: “He does have a point there sis.”
Joanna: “Way to stand up for your sister Lance.”
Lance “Look I’m all for love conquers and all that jazz but it is kind of difficult to make a love life for someone else.”
George: “Thank you.”
Lance: “I mean he isn’t a completely lost cause. I’m sure some desperate soul will take him.”
Lance: “I mean he’s got dads looks, and he managed to get with mom when they were young.”
Lance: “That might make up for his zero tact.”
George: “Your faith in me is awe inspiring.”
Lance: “Oh cheer up. With your upcoming trip to Vegas, maybe you’ll have luck in love and not just on the poker table.”
Joanna: “Maybe you’ll meet someone special!”
You snort, finding the idea silly.
George: “I wouldn’t bet on it.”
Chapter 1: One night in Vegas
In an underground speakeasy decked out in old decor from the 20th centuries first half. You sit there nursing your drink. After a long day at the office you love nothing more than when you can enjoy your secret fancy. Dressed up in an old-fashioned pinstripe suit and a fedora. You feel like a king, this little piece of haven in Chicago that seemed to be frozen in time.
You feel your friend beside you stir, he himself having to relax from work as well as dreading an upcoming event.
After his fifth sight you opt to actually talk about it.
You take a swing of your drink and decide to talk about the elephant in the room.
Or more accurately you decide to talk about the issue in pre 1940’s slang
George: “Your bear cat of a sister still giving you a hard time?”
Jeremy: “Noneofya.”
He mumbled.
George: “Look Pally, I known you since we were scrubs and had squat. What's eating you?”
Jeremy: “That dame will chisel me out of every dime I own.”
George: “Stephie acting like a Big cheese cause she is getting hitched?”
Jeremy: “She wants everything spiffy and I’m quite sure her ankle biters will be paying the bills. My folks are on my case regarding my dame.”
You think for a moment. Jeremy and Katie had been together for four years. They got one another, they lived together.
George: “Stephie’s lucky her guy thinks she’s the Cat's meow.”
You said reflecting on everything you ever heard regarding Darren, he was a good guy. Definitely not the smartest but he loved Stephanie like she was the only woman alive. You just wondered why anyone would want to spend time with that woman.
Jeremy: “Alright, real talk.”
Jeremy said as he dropped ‘the act’, we were no longer hot shots in the prohibition era. We were now just George Bishop and Jeremy Jackson a financial advisor and a computer wizard.
George: “In all do honesty I do not see why you need to go there? Aren’t bachelorette parties strictly female?”
Jeremy: “They used to be, but I am quite sure I am not going with them to be pampered like the bridesmaids.”
George: “Then your function is?”
Jeremy: “If I were to guess, fall guy and pack mule.”
Jeremy: “I think she is also doing it to brag, that ‘she did it first.’ To rub it in Katie’s face.”
George: “You never really care what your sister does. Why now?”
Jeremy: “Because they are pressuring me and Katie. Not just my family but next to everyone we know. ‘When is the wedding? What is the venue? How many guests? Are you going to have it this year?’ Look I love my girl, but none of us is in rush to walk down the aisle.”

Yeah, you know, you were the first one Jeremy told about his plan to propose. You were happy for him but at the end of the day it was up to Katie and Jeremy. Not you or their families. However the rest of the world seemed to think differently.
Mom: “Oh sweetheart, happy valentine’s day! Are you spending it with someone special?”
George: “Mom, you know I am not looking for someone.”
Mom: “Oh, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll find that certain someone sooner or later.”

Yeah, it isn’t enough your sister is married and your brother is utterly twitterpated with his boyfriend. You need to ensure your oldest is also with someone.

Boss: “Mr. Bishop, I must say. I am impressed with your work ethics, but we have decided to go with Mr. Robinson as the face of the company.”
Never minding the fact that you worked twice as hard as said college.
George: “I understand. May I ask what made you choose him?”
Boss: “We did research and found that your college would be favourable, due to circumstance.”

Translation: we wanted a man that was married and not the workaholic bachelor.

Stranger 1: “You see that guy over there?”
Stranger 2: “You mean the one with the RBF?”
Stranger 1: “Yeah, probably one of those loners, will never find anyone.”
Stranger 2: “I mean who goes to a restaurant like this alone?”

Honestly? You can’t have a meal alone?

George: “Yeah, I know that feeling.”
Jeremy: “Seriously.”
Both of you take a sigh.
Jeremy: “But in all honesty. Thank you for coming along, I really appreciate it. Would probably loose my mind if I went alone.”
George: “Of course.”
  1. It would be a shame to lose my partner in crime.
  2. My boss would be pissed if I didn’t.
  3. Who would turn down free drinks?
Jeremy: “Yeah sounds about right.” *Choice 1*
George: “Remember how we got back at Marcus Thatcher?” *Choice 1*
Jeremy: “Oh, I remember. Too bad he didn’t check the file we sent, it might have saved him some embarrassment.” *Choice 1*
George: “Big tough football star being fooled by ‘two scrawny’ freshmen.” *Choice 1*
Jeremy: “And we were hailed as heroes for a month.” *Choice 1*
Jeremy: “Wait, don’t tell me HR department has been on your case.” *Choice 2*
Geroge: “Yep, too much overtime.” *Choice 2*
Geroge: “Never mind I make sure that everything is quality controlled.” *Choice 2*
Jeremy: “Geesh. Well glad to know I could be of service.” *Choice 2*
Jeremy: “Ah there it is, I knew you had a hidden agenda. *Choice 3*
George: “Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, when have I ever hid something from you?” *Choice 3*
Jeremy: “Alright fair, you are honest to the point of insult.” *Choice 3*
Geroge: “You asked for my opinion, besides those shoes where ugly as sin.” *Choice 3*
Both of you laugh, you had been in each other’s life since kindergarten. You where the odd ducks, most kids and adults always considered you to be cold or judging. Even if neither of you had that intention.
Jeremy raises his glass.
Jeremy: “To intellectual companions.”
George: “To intellectual friends.”
You said as you raised your own drink in a toast.

The weekend finally arrived for the trip. You arrived at O’Hare airport with a good three hours to spare. You crack open the book you brought with you.
It was a supernatural detective story you received as a gift on last birthday a few months back. While you applaud your sister for trying, it was still jarring to follow all the supernatural deus-ex-machinas that discarded real detective work.
So that is how a 31 year old was reading a supernatural book in broad daylight.
George: ‘ with gun drawn, Duskraven made her way down the basement, the surroundings smelled of blood and muck.’
Geroge: ‘Romano’s empire was now in full display in front of her. Fae, lined the walls, eyes hollow and only the movement of their chest indicating they were still alive.’
George: ‘Duskraven took out her polaroid camera, it was a risky but if this would ever have a chance to justice. Her leads and information would need to be solid if she wanted to take down the vampire cartel. She just hoped the light for the camera would be noticed.’
George: ‘With a blinding light the entire basement lit up temporarily blinding her, when she regained her sight again a new horror met her eyes. Multiple pairs of hungry red eyes.’
Jeremy: “George!”
You tear your eyes away from the book in your hand.
There is Jeremy and Katie, hand in hand. Seeing them together was always a happy occasion.
Katie and Jeremy met at your favourite speakeasy a few years back. You didn’t blame your friend for becoming interested in the ICU nurse. Curly red hair and big blue eyes. Even if the courtship had started out rocky due to both of them being so shy. They overcame that hurdle and found something they wanted.
Sometimes however you wished you didn’t feel like you were interrupting them.
George: “Good morning, is Stephanie and her friends also here?”
Katie: “No they had a sleep over at Daria’s house. So they will be carpooling.”
You look at your clock and it was about two hours before the plane would take off, your bags where checked in and you were ready to leave and get to the section where the gates would be. But there was still no sign of Stephanie.
As you though you heard a rumbling sound.
Both you and Katie looked at Jeremy as a sheepish grim grew on his face.
Katie: “Told you, a ham sandwich wouldn’t hold.”
Jeremy: “It will hold till lunch, which is a few hours away.”
George: “You sure that is a good idea?”
Jeremy: “Tell you what, I’ll go if you come with me and Katie.”
Katie: “So what do you say?”
· Sure, I could have a bite. (💎12)
· Perhaps we shouldn’t
Diamond Choice:
George: “Alright, let us have something to eat.”
Jeremy: “Good! Airplane food leaves much to be desired.”
Katie: “You always think with your stomach.”
Jeremy: “Yet you love me.”
Katie: “Yes, odd isn’t it?”
You make your way inside and stay in line.
You look at the menu and order
· Breakfast burrito
· Bacon and scrambled eggs
· Fruit and oatmeal
You order your food along with a big coffee. You all slide into the booth, Katie had her yogurt in hand both of you looked worryingly at Jeremy’s breakfast.
(Tilting tower of pancakes)
(Holy crap!)
You swore for a moment both you and Katie was reading each other’s mind.
‘He is going to puke.’
George: “Hey Jeremy, think you can get some napkins?”
Jeremy: “Sure.”
As he left you plied a few pancakes away, making sure that you saved the top one so he wouldn’t notice. Katie making sure the tower didn’t fall.
She gave a thumbs up, thanking you.
George: “So Katie, how have you been?”
Katie: “There is always a lot of things to do at the ICU, sometime I wonder where humanity is headed.”
George: “Really, that bad?”
Katie: “How would you explain having a locomotive lodge up your rectum?”
George: “How did that happened?”
Katie: “They claim they fell on it, if I had a dollar every time this happened I wouldn’t have any student debts.”
You shake your head, you have been thinking a bit about what Jeremy said at the Speakeasy. You had also noticed that something was up with Katie, she was on edge.
George: “Katie…”
1. “Did you want to go on this trip?”
2. “Has Mr and Mrs Jackson been pressuring you?”
3. “Do you want to get married?”
Katie: “In all honesty no, but Stephanie has made me a bridesmaid. I need to partake in these things. Even if I wish I didn’t.” *Choice 1\*
George: “Why?” *Choice 1\*
Katie: “I wish I could care as little about protocol as you do, but she is Jeremy’s sister, if I say no it might affect my relationship with Jeremy and his family.” *Choice 1\*
Katie: “Yes, I mean no, I mean… it’s complicated.” *Choice 2\*
George: “How come?” *Choice 2\*
Katie: “I’m 30 years old George, time is ticking. They want grandchildren to spoil.” *Choice 2\*
George: “And you have to be married to do that?” *Choice 2\*
Katie: “Of course I love Jeremy.” *Choice 3\*
George: “That wasn’t the question, do you want to get married?” *Choice 3\*
Katie: “It is just so big, all those expectations. I… it scares the crap out of me.” *Choice 3\*
George: “Listen, I will tell you something.”
You said using your stern voice.
George: “Jeremy loves you, he chose you. You chose him. That is the truth at the end of the day.”
Katie looked at you, a shy smile graced her lips. She mouthed a thank you.
Jeremy made his way back to you with a great pile of napkins. You all begin to take part of the meal. During the entire meal Katie and Jeremy’s shoulders touched and they looked as content as they could be.
(‘Loving it’ you had breakfast at McDermott)
None diamond choice:
George: “Let us just sit down and relax, we should be in Las Vegas at 1 am. Knowing Stephanie we will probably eat something there before heading to the hotel.”
Katie: “Maybe, I’ll get some water at least.”
Jeremy: “Good idea.”
(‘Not hungry’ you didn’t have a McDermott breakfast)
As all of you wait for the supposed ‘bride’ you hear commotion.
Sure enough you see a brunette with a close to permanent scowl on her face. Followed but two very flustered women.
“There you are! WHERE have you been?!”
Her tone is as pleasant as you remember, nails on a chalkboard.
Jeremy: “We have been here waiting for you.”
Stephanie: “You aren’t even going to help me with my bags. What type of brother are you?”
Jeremy: “Well we are here, we have about half an hour before the plane leaves. So let’s get to the gate.”
Stephanie just huffed. Storming away.
George: “Wow she is in a good mood.”
You state sarcastically.
Jeremy: “Yeah she gets like that some time.”
Jeremy: “Just try not to set her of, she can be a handful.”
Katie: “I mean how bad could it possibly be?”
You were never the very superstitious type, but you were quite sure that Katie just opened Pandora’s Box.

From the time the plane touched ground in Nevada everything that could set of Stephanie did.
Stephanie: “URRGH!!! where is that shuttle! He is LATE!!”
Jeremy: “They told us like five minutes ago there is traffic jam.”
Stephanie: “Then he should have planned it earlier!”
Stephanie: “I will not wait an hour! WE have a schedule to follow!”
George:’ This coming from the woman that almost missed the plane to her own bachelorette party.’
Daria: “They say it is only another 15 minutes.”

Stephanie: “I DON’T CAREEEEE!”
Stephanie: “What do you mean that our suits where not booked?”
Receptionist: “You never sent in the deposit for your stay.”
Stephanie: “THAT WAS GEMMA’S JOB!”
Gemma: “I told you, the suits needed to be paid for by the same person that booked them.”

Stephanie: “You are a bridesmaid, you are supposed to make things work!”
George: ‘Honetly…’
George: “Sigh…”
Waitress: “Yes it is, you wanted a calamari.”
The poor waitress looked exhausted and probably wanted to be anywhere but here, not that one could blame her.
Stephanie: “NO IT ISN’T! I wanted the pasta with bacon and cheese.”
Katie: “A cabonara?”
Jeremy: “Stephie we are at a seafood restaurant.”

George: ‘IS she ever satisfied?’
All of us where back at the hotel, Stephanie insisting that they ‘needed’ a new set of clothes for the casino and club they were planning on hitting. Jeremy looked ready to just give up.
George: “You know, you could simply say no to her.”
Jeremy threw an exhausted glair at me.
Jeremy: “If it was so simple neither me, you nor Katie would be here right now.”
George: “And you wouldn’t be here doing this Sisyphean task, which obviously brings you missery.”
Jeremy: “Yeah well, I still want my parents in my life, if I didn’t do this, they would never let me live it down.”
What to wear to the casino?
· Tuxedo 007 (💎 15)
· Basic black
Diamond option:
Jeremy: “You look like James Bond.”
George: “I’ll have a martini, shaken not stirred.”
You said and an amused smile spread across Jeremy’s face.
None diamond choice
“I Think I’ll stick with this.”
“Fair enough, I am too exhausted to care anyway.”

Jeremy said with a tired smile. You both left the room, making our way to one of the pulsing centres of the strip.
There in the golden casinos you thought finally your luck would finally turn for the better. That the glamorous atmosphere would rub off on the soon-to-be bride. Causing her to stop doing her impression of a screeching barn owl and let ALL of them enjoy Sin City.
Well it seemed to have worked, for now.
Both you and Jeremy where at the black jack tables, enjoying yourself. While the ladies were back at the slots machines.
Jeremy folded a while ago, it is just you and one more. You looked down at your cards a jack and an ace. You opponent opposite you had this confident smirk on his face. But you saw how the sweat was running down his face. He was bluffing.
George: “Hum…”
  1. Act as if you have a bad hand
  2. Act arrogant and self-assured
  3. Do not react at all and watch the man squirm
You decide to let your brows furrow in what would look like frustration. The man opposite you lets the edge of his mouth turn in a smirk. His confidence boosting with every minute. *Choice 1*
You decide to put on the theatrics, giving a smile like the cat that ate the canary you look at your opponent. That is growing more and more agitated by the minute. *Choice 2*
You keep your face natural, a lot of people often comment that you look angry whenever they see you. You could only assume it was true because your opponent was practically squirming in his seat. *Choice 3*
When he reviles his hand, you pause for a moment before reviling yours.
You won.
George: “I’ll be taking these.”
You said as you dragged them back chips and split them evenly between you and Jeremy. You had started with the same amount of tokens. Even if you did work with money daily, this was one of those occasions you allowed yourself to be a bit more relaxed regarding that subject.
Jeremy: “Nice one.”
George: “All in a day’s work.”
Jeremy: “So what next?”
Before you could answer you hear commotion from the opposite side of the casino. The screeching voice meant that Stephanie was somewhere in the middle of it. Both of you sigh, knowing that your happy hour was over.
Sure enough there at the era leading into one of the shows where Stephanie and her entourage, all of them except Stephanie wearing baby pink dresses and Stephanie herself wearing a sash reading ‘all hail the bride’ along with a tacky tiara probably worth a five dollar bill at most.
She was screaming at a bouncer, while all the others tried in vain to calm the soon-to-be bride.
Stephanie: “You are an idiot! What service is this!?”
When we had arrived there was already an audience forming. Yeah this was common whenever Stephanie was involved. ‘Drama Queen’ had been your nickname for her during high school for a reason.
Jeremy: “What happened?”
Bouncer: “Your friend here slapped one of your dancers, something about them stealing from them.”
Stephanie: “I am the BRIDE! I am not supposed to have to pay for anything during my bachelorette party.”
Jeremy: “Stephanie, what about we get some fresh air, okay?”
Jeremy said as he tried to deescalate the situation. He gently grabbed her arm, but Stephanie was having none of it.
It felt like it all happened in slow motion, Stephanie turned around and a closed fist and rage connected it with Jeremy’s face. Your friend flew back and hit his head on the floor pretty hard. Stephanie didn’t even care to check what state her brother was in. Katie flew to her fiancés side and the sight of your friend’s bleeding face was enough to make you see red.
George: “Alright enough.”
  1. Scold her
  2. Embarrass her
  3. Give her the evil eye
George: “Stephanie, you are way out of line.” *Choice 1*
Stephanie: “No I am not!” *Choice 1*
George: “You have taken no responsibility during this trip, you have been rude to every member of the party, you have caused a scene at every place we have been to. Do I need to keep going?” *Choice 1*
Your voice is like ice, you swear the temperature just dropped a few degrees. As you pointed out everything she has done during the less than 24 hours you been together. *Choice 1*
Stephanie looks angrily at her bridesmaids as is she is waiting for them to defend her. *Choice 1*
They do not, they know you are just stating the truth. *Choice 1*
George: “Your own brother did not want to be on this trip, he begged me to come along. Doesn’t that tell you just how vile you have been acting?” *Choice 1*
Stephanie: “You listen here…”*Choice 1*
George: “No you listen for once in your life!” *Choice 1*
You rarely let your emotions out but Stephanie was a special case. *Choice 1*
George: “If this is how you treat people, do not be surprised when Darren leaves you at the altar. He deserve better than this.” *Choice 1*
With that as a closing line you left, Jeremy might need to get to the hospital. He was worth more than Stephanie would ever be in your eyes. *Choice 1*
As you leave you are quite sure you hear someone applauding. *Choice 1*
With determined steps you made your way to one of the waitresses. *Choice 2*
George: “Excuse me.” *Choice 2*
You hand her a 50 dollar bill as you grab a big jug glass filled with beer and briskly walk back to Stephanie that is still screaming profanities. Because of her back being turned to you she didn’t see you. You saw how people began to take out their cameras and phones. No one made a move to stop you. *Choice 2*
With one quick movement you had poured it over her and a shriek of surprise entered your ears. *Choice 2*
Stephanie: “What the fuck is wrong with you!?” *Choice 2*
George: “Are you done with your little temper tantrum?” *Choice 2*
Stephanie: “What!? How dare you!” *Choice 2*
George: “You have been acting like a spoiled five year old since the moment we landed. I am surprised no one has done anything until now.” *Choice 2*
Stephanie: “You are so not coming to my wedding!” *Choice 2*
George: “It isn’t a loss, I was never here for you. Now excuse me I have more important things to deal with.” *Choice 2*
You left Stephanie to deal with the people that had gathered for the ‘show’ and she began to scream at them and calling them all sorts of names. But no one was intimidated, they found it hilarious. *Choice 2*
You grab hold of Stephanie, until she has no choice but to look at you. She is screeching, calling you every slur and bad name in the book. Your hands are firm on her upper arm, you just hold no squeezing, no pushing. You keep your eyes locked on her, you must have stood there quite a while until finally her defiant stare became weaker and weaker. *Choice 3*
You kept hold of her until she burst out into tears. At that point you let her go. Knowing you had knocked her down a peg. *Choice 3*

But Stephanie wasn’t your main concern, Jeremy was. You moved to stay with Katie and Jeremy, the crowd parted as the red sea as you walked by. All in stunned silence. *Choice 3*

George: “Are you sure you’ll be alright?”
Jeremy grimaced at the questing, blood still trickling down his face from where he had been punched. Luckily the nose would heal, the only question was what colour it would be in time for Stephanie’s wedding.
Jeremy: “I’ll be fine, Katie is here too. She knows what she is doing.”
Katie: “Having your fiancé being a nurse does have its perks huh?”
Jeremy: “Yeah one of many.”
The two of them smile at one another, before Jeremy turn back to you.
Jeremy: “Think you can manage your own?”
George: “I think I can stay out of trouble for one night.”
Jeremy: “Maybe, see you tomorrow George.”
Katie: “Have a nice night.”
With that the two of them made their way up to the hotel rooms.
You decided to check out the hotel bar. Despite being 10 o’clock it was surprisingly empty. Some people where there, some having already had a few to many.
But what caught your eye was a stranger sitting at the end of the bar.
There sitting in a knee-length ocean blue dress was a woman, leaning over resting her elbows at the counter. She had a faraway look in her face as she absentmindedly stirred her drink. *♀*
There sitting a young man, nursing his drink. His blue vest and slacks combo suited him well with the crisp white shirt. His attention seeming being elsewhere. *♂*
You sit down by the bar and is about to call on the bartender when I noticed a man, clearly intoxicated made a move on the man/woman at the end of the bar.
Drunk Idiot: “Hello there, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
The person in question just rolled hehis eyes. Clearly not in the mood to be the object of drunk admiration.
Drunk Idiot: “How about you and me go up to my hotel room and get to know each other a bit more.”
Haven seen the man/woman in question do every none-verbal que but slapping the idiot you decide enough was enough. He had disturbed you and the rest of the bar enough.
With the smoothest and coolest tone of voice you could muster you cleared your throat to get the drunk man’s attention. It wasn’t appreciated to say the least.
Drunk idiot: “What the hell do you want prick.”
The smell of alcohol radiating off him, one would think he had bathed in vodka. It was surprising no one had tossed him out from being a nuisance earlier.
George: “I do believe that you are bothering him/her. Please stop.”
George: “Look we are old friends, its noneofya business so bug off.”
George: “Oh really, then what is your friends name?”
Drunk Idiot: ”What?”
George: “What. Is. your. friend’s. name? If you are old friends you should surely know it.”
Drunk Idiot: “It’s ummm… Terry.”
???: “That is not even close.”
With both of you staring straight into him, mentally cornering him.
Drunk idiot: ”Screw this.”
The man declared in frustration and with that the idiot stormed off leaving both of you alone.
After making sure the guy was out of sight you turned back to the stranger.
He/She gave you a grateful smile.
???: “Thanks’ I really appreciate that?”
George: “It was nothing.”
You said making yourself ready to go back to your seat.
???: “Wait!”
The stranger called after you, out of sheer politeness you turned back around.
He/she Seemed a bit nervous, what now?
???: “Can I at least buy you a drink?”
You thought for a moment. You were on your own, Jeremy was probably nursing the bruise with some painkillers and you did not want to risk running into Stephanie or any of the bridesmaids. It also felt wrong to not take the opportunity to experience Vegas however.
So you accepted.
???: “Well What’s your poison?”
He/she asked in a joyous tone.
  1. Matrini
  2. Old Fashioned
  3. Red Wine
With a quick wave they called the bartender over.
???: “So what brings you to Vegas?”
George: “Bachelorette party.”
???: “Did it have anything to do with that brunette that slapped one of the dancers and had security physically lift her out?”
George: “Bingo.”
???: “No one got seriously hurt?”
George: “Thankfully no.”
With that the bartender served the drink and the stranger slipped a 50 dollar bill.
You lift the glass in a gesture for a thank you. And let the beverage slip down your throat. It was nice, it was a good year and the taste was strong but not overpowering.
You noticed that his/her eyes were on you, almost as if they were trying to decipher your character.
George: “What are you doing?”
???: “Trying to get a read on you, some say what you order is often an indication of who you are.”
George: “Really? Then what can you say about me?”
You asked, deciding to humour them.
???: “I can say that that you are a man that know what he wants and how you want them.” *Martini*
???: “You are an old soul, you probably know your liquor well. My guess you have a great library at home.” *Old fashioned*
???: “You are quite classy, and you can find a way to get drunk before noon.” *Red wine*
With that you give an amused chuckle.
George: “Well there is some truth to that statement.”
You take a look at the drink they self are nursing.
(Dark n Stormy)
George: “If I were to do the same to you, I guess you have a sweet tooth and might have wanted to be a pirate at some point.”
At that comment the stranger began to laugh. It was the infectious kind of laugh that made someone warm form the bottom of their stomach.
???: “Alright you got me there.”
He/she then stuck out their hand.
(My name is..)
(Default name: Skyler)
George: “‘Skyler’ it is a pleasure to meet you.”
You said as you shook it.
You take in Skyler’s look. You had to admit that they were an attractive specimen of a man/woman.
George: “The name is George Bishop.”
Skyler: “George Bishop, how professional sounding.”
He/ she said as if they were tasting your name in their mouth.
George: “Well I do hope so, would be difficult to be an advisor if people believed I was a joker.”
Skyler: “Ah, so you are one of those people that look at you and stamp ‘rejected’ on every paper?”
George: “I believe that I am fair in my judgement.”
George: “How about yourself?”
At that their eyes fell.
Skyler: “Right now, I’m a 30 year old trying to figure out my next move.”
George: “How come?”
Skyler: “Lost my job due to relationship issues between my manager and her boyfriend. Apparently, me being friendly was mistaken for flirting.”
Skyler: “What, they want a grumpy Greeter at the door?”
George: “That is unprofessional.”
Skyler: “Yeah, well relationships are messy.”
George: “Agreed.”
Skyler: “I must say the way you handled that woman, it was surprising.”
Skyler said in a genuinely impressed voice.
George: “You were watching?”
Skyler: “Kind of hard not to, I’m surprised half the hotel didn’t hear her.”
George: “Someone had to show her she isn’t the Queen of Sheba.”
Skyler: “What are your thought on marriage?”
You shoot up a bit, a bit startled by the blunt question.
George: “My thoughts?”
Skyler: “You seem like a guy that know what he thinks. I want to pick that brain a bit.”
It had been a while since someone had so blatantly flirted with you. To be fair you were a bit surprised. Dating had often been a minefield for you.
George: “Marrige…”
  1. It’s an institution
  2. It’s a partnership
  3. It’s indescribable
George: “Historically it was a way to ensure land, money and heirlooms where added into a new household.” *Choice 1*
George: “It was also a safety for children back in the day, since basterds often faced quite a few challenges from being born out of wedlock.” *Choice 1*
George: “It is a symbol of trust, that you do have someone that you can count on.” *Choice 2*
George: “But at the end of the day, if you are unfair to that partner hey might not stay.” *Choice 2*
George: “To describe marriage is like trying to describe oceans and water. Even with similarities we can see, gathering it all in an explanation would probably not give a fair judgement.” *Choice 3*
Skyler: “To me it’s a promise. ‘To have and to hold’ it is silly in this day and age were people divorce left and right for trivial things.”
Skylers eyes became dark, falling into deep thoughts. You had never been the poetic kind, but there was a sweet sentiment in Skyler’s view on things. Your parents where still married over 30 years now. Your sister was due some time in December, your brother was off celebrating a two year dating anniversary and your paternal grandmother still loved her deceased husband dearly.
To you it just never happened, perhaps it wasn’t for you.
George: “That we can agree on, people are so afraid they will settle. At the first sign of trouble they leave.”
Skyler: “So that woman form before… how long do you think her marriage will last?”
George: “If she acts like she did tonight, I wonder if her husband will even stay for the ceremony.”
You looked at your new companion and in an unusual turn of events you called the bartender over.
George: “Can I buy you a drink?”

With that Skyler smiled, deciding to keep you company.
Sometime later you awake to the sound of your alarm clock.
You feel a splitting headache, you drag you hand over your face as you do you feel a cold metal band around your finger. Pulling back as your eyes focus you see that it is a plain sliver coloured band.
(is that?)
· Oh no…
Feeling more sober than ever before you realised just what a mess you got yourself into.
George: ‘I just got married in Vegas.’
Well, you’re screwed.
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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Jan. 1, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
Hi everybody! Man, I missed y'all. So in case you missed my explanation for why I took the last 2+ months off, basically my whole life changed recently. Wife got a new job that required us to move to a new city. Which meant I also had to find a new job, we had to sell our house, find a new place to live, get settled in a new city, and all that fun stuff. It's been a really hectic and crazy couple of months, but everything has worked out great and we're all good now. A million thanks to everyone for all the nice messages and well-wishes during all this. You guys are awesome and SquaredCircle is by far my favorite corner of the internet.
In the midst of all this, I finally managed to get caught up on writing these things. My plan is to hopefully keep the usual M/W/F at noon EST schedule that has worked so well for the last couple of years. But full disclosure, that may not always be possible. My last job was pretty comfortable, I could sit at my desk and surf Reddit while working at the same time and it was never a problem. My job situation has changed so this will probably be posted during my lunch breaks and that might vary. So while I will always try to post at around the same time as everyone is used to, that may not always be possible. So just bear with me while we make this work.
That's pretty much it. And now, let us begin....the final year of the Observer Rewind!
Oh yeah, one other thing. I hate to come back after such a long absence and drop a turd. But this issue kinda sucks and there's almost nothing major happening this week. But don't worry, they get better from here!
  • Dave opens the first issue of 2001 with a look back at the top wrestlers of 2000. The Observer award votes are still being tabulated and whatnot but Dave decides to look at the top candidates and give his own personal thoughts.
Kurt Angle had a star-making year. One of the best talkers in the business and already one of the best in-ring guys after only really one full year. Dave says if he continues to improve at this rate in 2001, barring injuries, he may be the best in the world by this time next year (yup).
Chris Benoit is probably the best in-ring guy in wrestling today and his jump from WCW to WWF (along with the other 3) pretty much tore the heart out of WCW and they've never recovered. Benoit was going to be a main eventer and likely multiple-time world champion in WCW, headlining PPVs and TV, and who knows what may have been different if he had stayed. They almost certainly would have still self-destructed, but at least the matches would have been better.
Triple H is the likely Wrestler of the Year winner and Dave wouldn't argue it. He spent 2000 as one of the top guys (alongside Rock) in WWF and had numerous MOTY-quality matches, was a top draw for PPV, tickets, ratings, everything. Held the title repeatedly. An incredible feud with Kurt Angle that unfortunately fizzled out but was great while it lasted, etc. Hard to argue that Triple H had the best 2000 out of anyone in wrestling.
Toshiaki Kawada. Without him, AJPW ceases to exist in 2000. His star power and that alone is the only thing keeping that promotion alive and the feud with NJPW has put Kawada in a position of having dream matches that will sell out the Tokyo Dome. His match with Kensuke Sasaki was one of the biggest matches in the history of Japanese wrestling. And in ring, he's a Benoit-level worker. You could argue that other wrestlers were better this year, but nobody was more valuable to their promotion than Kawada was to AJPW.
Mitsuharu Misawa didn't really have the kind of amazing in-ring year that he's been known for in the past. But the importance of the NOAH split from AJPW is hard to overstate and was likely the biggest business story in wrestling all year in Japan (worldwide, Dave thinks the slow death of WCW is a bigger story in the long-term). If this award was for most influential wrestler outside the ring, Misawa would get it due to the successful start of NOAH.
The Rock should probably be the favorite. He's not the in-ring talent that Triple H has, but he's still pretty damn great and has had some classic matches this year. He was the top draw for WWF by far and kept the company afloat with Austin out injured for most of the year. Plus, his sheer celebrity and mainstream value to the company is huge.
Kazushi Sakuraba is a controversial pick and there's been a lot of debate over whether he qualifies, since he's MMA and not pro wrestling. Dave argues the case to why he should be eligible but it's hard to make a fair comparison to wrestling. But Sakuraba's historical legacy in MMA was cemented this year when he started beating members of the Gracie family one-by-one in PRIDE. Speaking of......
  • Kazushi Sakuraba added another Gracie head to his mantle last week, defeating Ryan Gracie at PRIDE 12. It was controversial because Gracie came into the fight with a shoulder injury suffered in training a few days earlier and doctors had told him not to fight. Gracie agreed to still do the fight but only if it was limited to a 10 minute time limit, which fans didn't find out about until the day of the show and booed the shit out of it. There may have been an agreement made before the match because though Gracie's injury was well-known (Gracie cut a promo about it before the fight, about how their family is tough and they don't listen to doctors and yada yada. Basically, giving themselves an out if/when Gracie inevitably lost), Sakuraba never went after it in the fight. But he dominated the match and won by decision after the 10 minute time limit. He has now beaten Royler, Royce, Renzo, and Ryan in the span of the last 13 months (and that's why they call him the "Gracie Killer").
  • The next major story is a recap of the recent RINGS show, and then a brief note that TV ratings aren't available and then....that's it for the top front page stories. We're already halfway through the bulk of the issue and there's not much on actual wrestling at all so far. Just a bunch of MMA recaps. Let's see what the second half brings us...
  • RVD will likely be appearing at the AJPW Tokyo Dome show in late January. No word if he'll work a match but he's at least hoping to be there for the Stan Hansen retirement ceremony, since Hansen helped him a lot in his earlier years when Van Dam worked for AJPW in the early 90s.
  • The biggest show in Pro Wrestling NOAH history took place last week, selling out a 12,000 arena. Shinya Hashimoto debuted, pinning Takao Omori. Kenta Kobashi beat Jun Akiyama in a match many are calling the best of the year. Hashimoto is expected to work a few more shows for NOAH but he isn't signed.
  • A couple of rookies in NOAH are getting a lot of praise. Takashi Sugiura is already being compared to Kurt Angle, because he's a former amateur wrestler who is making a good transition. And the other is Kenta Kobayashi (later KENTA and then Hideo Itami), who will actually main event a show next month, teaming with Kobashi (the names are SO similar) against Misawa and Marufuji.
  • Dave saw NJPW's latest show (which aired on PPV in Japan) featuring an inter-promotional match against with AJPW's Masa Fuchi and Kawada against NJPW's Takashi Iizuka and Yuji Nagata and he gives it the full 5 stars. Which is funny because on most lists you find online, this match isn't listed. Most people thought NJPW didn't get a single 5-star match between 1997 and 2012 but in a throwaway paragraph reviewing this show, he calls it a definite 5-stars and potential MOTY. So there ya go: the lost 5-star classic.
WATCH: Masa Fuchi & Kawada vs Takashi Iizuka and Yuji Nagata - AJPW vs. NJPW inter-promotional match
  • Antonio Inoki will have a 5-minute "exhibition match" at his New Year's Eve show (Dave is seemingly unaware at this point that Inoki's opponent will end up being Renzo Gracie).
  • Legendary wrestler Johnny Valentine is on death's door. Back in August, he broke his back falling off his front porch, which nearly killed him. In September he nearly died from a lung infection. He's been in and out of comas throughout that time and now he's back in the hospital again for the same reason (he ends up hanging on until April).
  • Dave saw the latest TV taping from the UPW indie promotion in California. WWF sent the Hardyz and Lita to work the show. Juventud Guerrera, Christopher Daniels, and Michael Modest were on it as well. WWF developmental wrestler Nathan Jones recently started there. Of all the guys working for UPW, Prototype (real name John Cena) shows the most promise. He's got an incredible look and superstar charisma, but he's not that good in the ring yet. Dave hopes he won't be rushed to the big leagues too soon because he will be exposed and it's hard to overcome the rep as a bad wrestler. Lots of people have been comparing Cena to a young Sting. Either way, Dave thinks the guy has a ton of potential to be a star if they don't fuck it up.
  • RVD seems to have accepted the idea that he's not going back to ECW and has said at some point in the next few months, he'll decide whether he's going to WWF or WCW. His agent has had talks with both companies. WWF is interested but they're more interested in Jerry Lynn because apparently the wrestlers in WWF who have worked with both of them prefer Lynn (RVD kinda had a reputation for accidentally hurting people). WCW is interested but can't do anything because there's a hiring freeze right now. RVD is probably the most marketable free agent on the market right now but there's still no guarantees of anything for him.
  • Randy Savage will appear in the Spider-Man movie as villain named "Saw Bones McGraw" (close enough, Dave). They're filming scenes with him and Spider-Man in a cage match.
WATCH: Randy Savage as Bone Saw in Spiderman
  • ECW held a show at the ECW Arena that was said to be somewhat of a weird show. The crowd was down from usual, only about 1000 people, rather than the usual over-packed crowd. Everyone on the roster were given checks post-dated for the following Tuesday, which now leaves them 6 weeks behind on pay. But there's no more shows scheduled until the PPV next week. Super Crazy returned, even though his father died the night before. And during the main event, Sandman tried to recreate the famous chair incident from a few years ago, asking fans to throw chairs in the ring, which many thought was pretty negligent considering how dangerous that is for all the fans at ringside. Justin Credible caught a chair in the head that he wasn't prepared for and several fights broke out in the crowd during the incident also, due to fans getting hit by other fans. Then security ended up attacking fans and it was a whole mess for awhile there. (And that, folks, was the very last real ECW show ever at the ECW Arena. Pour one out for the end of an era.)
  • Notes from the latest ECW Hardcore TV: neither the Dudleyz match or the Tazz promo from the tapings aired. Dave assumes WWF wouldn't allow it. Joey Styles talked about Mikey Whipwreck having 17 documented concussions which Dave thinks is pretty scary. That's basically it.
  • Notes from Nitro: Kevin Nash, DDP, and Sid Vicious all returned and none of them were punished for walking out last week, nor was Scott Steiner punished for his off-script promo. Nor were he or DDP punished for their backstage fight. Eric Bischoff flew out the day before and basically sat down with everybody to hash out their problems. He gave everyone the impression that he'll be taking over the company in 2001 and is trying to start things with a clean slate. Needless to say, there was a lot of resentment from the undercard wrestlers about top stars being able to just walk out of live TV tapings, shoot on the mic, and get into fights and not only go unpunished, but be put right back on TV the next week in their same top positions. Lex Luger walked out earlier this year and came back in a stronger position than when he left. Buff Bagwell has been in and out of trouble all year, is hated by much of the locker room, but still gets significant TV time in the uppercard. Meanwhile, guys like Lance Storm and Mike Awesome are out there every night busting their asses (with Awesome fighting to overcome the career-killing 70s guy gimmick) and they're barely a focal point of the show. Some in management wanted to punish everyone who walked out, but with Bischoff expected to take control any day now, they were afraid to because it's no secret that DDP and Bischoff are close friends, as are Bischoff and Nash. So it was believed any punishment levied against them would just be overturned by Bischoff anyway. Anyway, this is the Nitro that isn't airing in the U.S. but was still taped for international markets. Not much in the way of storyline progression, mostly just matches.
  • Former wrestler Tom Zenk was on a radio show discussing the potential WCW sale to Bischoff, calling it "a fire sale to the arsonist" and saying Time Warner is selling the company because it's not profitable, to the guy who made it unprofitable to begin with.
  • Remember an incident last year where Bagwell punched a ring crew member and got charged for it? Bagwell plea bargained out of it and was ordered to pay a $500 fine, one year of probation, and perform 20 hours of community service. At the time, Bagwell was suspended for 30 days over it, which cost him approx. $45,000 in pay. A rare example of WCW actually punishing someone.
  • WCW sent a few guys (David Flair, Mark Jindrak, Sean O'Hair, and Jung Dragons) to work the NWA Wildside show, which is their developmental territory. Speaking of, wrestlers Air Paris and AJ Styles have been stealing the shows at the Wildside events lately.
  • Road Dogg was sent home from the Smackdown tapings and was suspended indefinitely without pay. At this time, there's no plans to bring him back. He showed up in bad shape to the tapings and had a match teaming with K-Kwik against Lo Down that was said to be an embarrassment because of his performance. WWF wants him to get his life in order before they even consider bringing him back. He's gone through rehab a couple of times but it never took. Dave says the difference between WWF and WCW is that chances are, you're not going to see Triple H and X-Pac going on TV for the next few weeks doing Road Dogg's catchphrases and trying to go into business for themselves on his behalf, unlike some people. (Here's the match. I dunno, doesn't seem any worse than Road Dogg's usual bad matches. But you do hear the commentary talking about Road Dogg looking out of it and hinting that maybe he has a concussion. And you can definitely tell that he's a little off his game, but if you didn't know to specifically look for it, I doubt you'd really notice. He was never Ric Flair in the ring to begin with.)
WATCH: Road Dogg & K-Kwik vs. Lo Down
  • Notes from Raw: they had a hardcore match with Blackman, Holly, and Raven that ended up outside in the 9 degree winter weather. Dave feels sorry for those guys out there in tights and no shirt wrestling in that. The RTC cut a promo talking about how bad the internet is. (I went on the Network and watched this and it's great. Bull Buchanan cuts a promo on the APA's "Always Pounding Ass" shirt and then Goodfather finished it off with this quote: "The internet has become a harbinger of nothing more than filth and decay. The world wide web is there to trap you until it slowly strangles all the goodness from each and every one of you!" Well, he's not wrong.)
  • WWF officially sold the hotel and casino they bought in Las Vegas a few years ago. The original plan was to remodel the hotel as a WWF theme hotel, with a TV studio and small arena so they could hold live shows. But they quickly realized that it just wasn't feasible and have spent the last two years trying to sell it. They finally unloaded it for $11.2 million which is about $2 million more than they paid for it in 1999, so at least there's that.
  • There's been talk of bringing Bobby Heenan back to WWF to do commentary on one of the B or C-level shows, but that discussion seemed to go nowhere. Larry Zbyszko will also be getting an announcing audition soon and has pitched himself to be the new WWF on-screen commissioner as well.
  • The Rock was supposed to be doing announcing for the Orange Bowl Parade but WWF pulled him out of it. The company is being extremely protective of Rock right now and want to make sure he looks good in any non-wrestling mainstream thing he does, and there was concern about him doing commentary on a parade since, I mean, wtf does Rock know about parades? They didn't want him to look out of his depth or put in a situation he wouldn't be good at.
  • Update on WWF possibly moving out of Titan Towers: right now, many of the employees are doubled up in offices because they've outgrown the building and are out of space. There's been talk that they may sell the building and move to a new location soon.
  • Davey Boy Smith had another hearing for allegedly making death threats towards Bruce Hart. He pleaded not guilty. Bruce's estranged wife Andrea is now living with Davey Boy. His previous charges stemming from threats against Diana Hart Smith and Ellie Neidhart were dropped. Smith now says he's been clean since July, that he wants to open a wrestling school, and that he's no longer in the WWF. In a Calgary Sun story, Smith said, "I was involved in that (Hart) family for 20 years and I'm sad to say it was the worst 20 years I ever had." That led Bret Hart to speak out to defend his family name, and he said, "If it wasn't for my family and the opportunities my father gave him, Davey would still be working in the Wigan mines. He's talking about a dysfunctional family at the same time he has taken off with my brother Bruce's wife--you're right in the thick of it, buddy." (It's amazing how much of the Hart family drama played out in the Calgary Sun over the years.)
  • The Chyna issue of Playboy reportedly sold more than a million copies, while the first Sable issue did around 800,000. Dave expects a lot more WWF women in Playboy considering those kinds of numbers.
WEDNESDAY: Paul Heyman in talks to sell ECW, Antonio Inoki's New Year's Eve show, Vince McMahon Playboy interview, WCW fires Mark Madden, and more...
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The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency

The Number 88, Trump and Predictive Media About His Presidency
Here's a list of movies and media associated with Trump and whats going on right now and this isn't even half of them.

The Lego Movie

Trump is President Business from the 2014 Lego Movie
End of The Lego Movie with Donald Trump as President Business: Female Aliens Arrive [2014]
Election Day is now officially Taco Tuesday: September 4, 2016

Very prominent red tie, fixation on Mexico, trying to end the world, his number is 8 (owner of Octan. Oct = 8), lives in a tall black tower, loves to build walls, "Lets rebuild that roof to be even higher!" Constantly tries to create order but he creates chaos instead because of his pursuit of order and control. And at the end, female aliens come.

Trackdown: The End of the World [1958]

Highlights (4 mins)

Full Episode (23mins)


With four years of Donald Trump the President of the United States on the horizon, we are all going to have to find some ways to cope. My way is certainly just about the least productive possible. I will be searching for movies that provide some sort of catharsis for myself. It’s self-indulgent to the last degree, but we all need a little something.
What in the ever-loving fuck?
There was a fifties Western television series (Trackdown) that had an episode called, “The End of the World.” In this episode, the series’ main character, Hoby Gilman (played by Robert Culp), visits a town that has been left shook.
Why has this town been left in such a state of despair? The end of the world is coming of course.
Why does this town believe this? A man actually named Walter Trump (played by Lawrence Dobkin) rose up out of nowhere and claimed that the world was going to end and that only HE had the power stop it.
The people immediately fall in line and believe every word that he said. The outsider, Hoby, is the only one to call Trump out on his lies. How does Trump respond when Hoby calls him out?
Trump actually threatens to sue him.
The cops of course rally behind Trump. One of them (who is proven to be in on the scheme) asks Hoby rhetorically, “Can you prove he’s wrong?” He then says to Hoby, “It’s a lot safer to go his way than yours.”
Hoby tries his luck with the local judge who meekly stands by and says there is nothing that can be done.
Judge: "Can you prove that's what he really has in mind?"
Hoby: "It's obvious."
Judge: "But can you prove it?"
Hoby: "What if I take him?"
Judge: "On what charge?"
Hoby: "Fraud"
Judge: "Don't you see, he's not exactly guilty of fraud."
Judge: "I live here, I know these people pretty well. And right now, there's nothing in the world that can change their minds. And anyone who tries to is gonna end up getting hurt. They're not gonna listen."
Hoby: "Well what if he starts a panic, it could happen."
Judge: "Sure, you might as well try to spit out a forest fire."
Hoby: "There's got to be some way to stop him."
Judge: "If there is, I don't know it.
The judge uses an apt metaphor though to at least shed some light on the situation.
Judge: "It's a funny thing. When we were kids, we were all afraid of the dark. And we grew up, and we weren't afraid anymore but it's funny how a big lie can make us all kids again."
The story does not stop getting weirder from there. Walter Trump actually calls his device (which is simply a parasol) a “Wall” that will protect everyone from the outside danger.
As soon as Trump gets a bit of power, he punished people monetarily for there being a single vocal doubter (Hoby). That frightened people into mob violence. Hoby is attacked for providing any resistance.
When Hoby finally corners Trump, it’s revealed that our snake-oil salesman’s instincts are to buy people off. The idea clearly conveyed is that most people have been content to just sit back and take his payment in exchange for keeping quiet.
Hoby continued to resist though and recognized that proving one lie was not enough. Everything had to be a lie for people to stop believing Trump.

Walter Trump: "A message I ALONE was able to read in the fires of the universe." (25 secs)
Donald Trump: "I alone can fix it!"

He talks about technology to deflect meteors, ya know, sort of like what Trump's Space Force has been talked about doing. He also gets killed at the end because one of the people he's scheming with doesn't want to be ratted out. Also, the first name you see when the credits role is the Directors name, which is Donald.

The Avengers - S06E16 - Invasion of the Earthmen (1969 TV Show)


Following up a clue found on a dead agent Steed and Miss King pose as a married couple, enabling them to infiltrate the Alpha Academy, where they claim they wish to enroll their 'son'. The academy is run by Brigadier Brett and is supposedly for youngsters who possess super-intelligence but it is in reality a training ground for a force who seek not global but extra-terrestrial domination.
Pence: "As President Trump has said in his words, it is not enough to have merely an American presence in space, we must have American DOMINANCE in space".

The character in the show simply goes by "Trump". Although he seems to be the main guy under the leader, he doesn't do or say much. Here is an interesting conversation in the episode with the leader. Which is probably the only interesting part of this entire episode.

Miss King: "Just how do you plan on reaching the stars?" [Quote from the Baron Trump book "Remember, little baron, the motto of the Trumps, Per Ardua ad Astra — the pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers. Google says that quote is really translated to "Through adversity to the stars"]
Brigadier Brett: "Both East and West are competing like school boys to create methods of space transportation. When the means are available, I shall lead my armies into these new worlds and colonize them."
Miss King: "Your army?"
"My army of astronauts, astronaut soldiers to be precise."
"To wage war on other astronauts?"
"To wipe them out.I will invade the new territories out there, while this world makes formal protests and looks at the rule books."
"It's happened before."
"Exactly, Miss King."
"It may be 50 years before space travel is made that easy. Your army will be old by then." AIR DATE: 01-15-69 + 50 years = 1-15-2019
"Cryobiology Miss King. We have perfected the deep freezing of human tissues.

Interesting how Antarctica is currently unthawing and all the speculation of what we're going to find in there.

There is a giant snake that tries to eat people in the show and their symbol is a lighting bolt in a yellow circle. Sort of like the Nazi SS but with just one S. Their own people also "hunt" each other.


The Odd Trump [Link to Online book]

Trump and Clinton: The Victorian Novel

I think I really began to like this Trump fellow when he tore his coat off, dived into a raging river, and saved a drowning woman after she’d been flung from a train wreck. “Save me!” she’d have cried, if only she’d been conscious. “Save me, Trump!” Oh, that Trump. Wrestling vicious mastiffs to the ground; smoothly confronting a con man on the Paris-to-Calais train with a pistol in his hand; hunting ghosts at midnight in a haunted English mansion. Rather less money on him than he’d have you believe, true, but a man of cool, levelheaded action all the same. What a character!
He is a character—I mean, in a Victorian novel.
The anonymously authored and utterly forgotten tale “The Odd Trump,” from 1875, is a ripe bit of Victorian preposterousness. Starting with the damsel saved from a train wreck, the book includes everything from a disputed will and a mysterious old servant to a cursed mansion. Also: ghostly sleepwalkers! Bloody duels! Secret sliding doors! (The latter, hidden in a conservatory, might be more accurately described as a secret sliding lemon tree.) But, most important: it has a hero named Trump.
And his old friend and sometimes rival? Clinton, of course.
“You have a regular armory, Clinton,” said Trump, as he glanced at the warlike array.
“Yes, I have gathered them up at odd times and places. Let us try a pass with the foils. . . . We will not bother with the masks. I am anxious to see if I am as clumsy as I used to be. En garde!”
Along with Trump and Clinton on lying (Trump: “ ‘Is it so very odd, to abstain from lying?’ ‘Very!’ answered Clinton, dryly.”), “The Odd Trump” contains what may be the most Victorian paragraphs ever set to paper:
Clinton? Never heard that name. But a Yankee could have a dozen names. There was that Göttingen Yankee. Ah! Stratton. Of course! The very same.
Oh ho! Mr. Trump, you knew Stratton, and you have not told me. You are very thick; close friends, I hear. I begin to think you will bear watching, Mr. Trump. And talking of watching, there is Mr. Trump on the terrace. Not alone—I see the lavender silk. Can it be the French girl? Mabel!
It’s a shame that our own era’s Clinton never persuaded Trump to spend a night in a haunted mansion, as this one does. For the American De Witt Clinton and the British Trumpley (Trump) Wailes are, it happens, college chums from the Continent, now living in Gloucestershire amid an excess of fretting about reputations, marriageability, and annual incomes. “The Odd Trump” is a curio of the fussy kind of fiction that once filled bookstores but scarcely attracts any interest today; just a year after its publication, “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” pointed American literature in a very different direction.
Even in its own time, one favorable review of “The Odd Trump” found that “the plot is rather complicated”—a sure signal to reach for the brandy. The Nation’s review was generous enough to concede that “we are always grateful to any rising literary man who does not fill us with physical loathing.” But just who was this rising literary man? The novel’s setting, in Gloucester, and the deft handling of dialogue by American characters, led another reviewer to speculate that the author of “the strange book with the stranger title” was an Englishman, or perhaps a well-travelled American.
He was, in fact, George J. A. Coulson—a native Baltimorean whose initial career, in the eighteen-forties, had been devoted more to running a downtown drugstore than to pursuing the sort of ill-starred fame found by his fellow-local Edgar Allan Poe. He was decidedly not fighting duels in English country lanes, or creeping through mansions at midnight with a lantern and a pistol: by 1875, Coulson was living in New Jersey and maintaining a Manhattan office as an accountant specializing in handling foreign exchange and import duties. “The Odd Trump” was a late bloom in a career spent among ledgers and tariff statutes; naturally, Coulson gives his protagonist a job in a banking firm, where Trump manifests such heroic talents at the foreign desk—including dodging a shady investment prospectus for a Nevada silver mine—that the hand of the boss’s daughter and control of the company inevitably follow.
Clinton and Trump together, on the other hand, are an altogether less buttoned-down combination of personalities.
Trump had risen again, throwing another pipe on the hearth, danced a most absurd pas seul, kicked a chair over, set it up again, and then resumed his seat. “Oh, what a blockhead! Mother was right. Go on, please, I am all attention. One more mouthful of beer.”
“It’s my opinion,” said Clinton, “that you have had beer enough to-night.”
It’s not long after Trump has threatened to throw a beer bottle at Clinton’s head that they discover, in the manner of all good Victorian novels, that they are in fact long-lost cousins. Will you be shocked if I also reveal that the villains get their comeuppance, and our heroes their reward?
Inevitably, anyone writing about Trump must also confront racism: in 1875, it’s in the form of Clinton’s servant, a freed slave named Agamemnon Jehoshaphat Washington Blox, whose characterization teeters uneasily between dialect comedy and actual empathy. (“I say you nebber seen a n---,” he snaps at Trump’s white servant, explaining that the correct term is “culled pussons.”) The unease was George Coulson’s own. In magazine articles written under a pseudonym, he was something of a slavery apologist, warning that abolition had brought “tramps, negroes, and aliens—many of them ex-convicts.” And some, I assume, are good people.
Coulson never quite repeated the modest success of “The Odd Trump.” Novels, including “The Clifton Picture” and “The Ghost of Redbrook,” emerged in swift succession over the next few years, and he tried to package his books as the “Odd Trump Series”—even though Trump had little more presence than in name. But Trumpism proved short-lived: just seven years later, in 1882, The Critic reported that Coulson “was in the act of writing another novel when he fell from his chair and died almost immediately” of a heart attack.
The genuine oddness of “The Odd Trump” is scarcely belied by the book itself: an old copy on my shelf, in the drabbest of brown cloth bindings, bears a sly inscription by “The Author,” the better to give its accountant-author a moment of peace, before what would prove to be a century of the far more effective anonymity of not being read. Still, for a brief season, “The Odd Trump” once again holds some peculiar pleasures. Both its time and ours have a Trump whose fortune depends in part on a casino and whose finances are a point of contention. But only one has Clinton calling Trump a “deceitful old humbug” and “an obstinate, mule-headed sucker”—until the debates, at least.


This is part of the forward in the book. In relation to todays world, this seems to be saying the only way for this to work is if Trump plays the bad guy because this generation is so full of degenerates, a genuinely good person will not become "popular" enough to be able to make any meaningful change. Trump is where he is because of his outlandish and immoral behavior. Genuinely good people don't want to get down in the mud and the ones that are successful end up getting killed.

Wrestling vicious mastiffs to the ground; smoothly confronting a con man on the Paris-to-Calais train with a pistol in his hand; hunting ghosts at midnight in a haunted English mansion. Rather less money on him than he’d have you believe, true, but a man of cool, levelheaded action all the same.
Along with Trump and Clinton on lying (Trump: “ ‘Is it so very odd, to abstain from lying?’ ‘Very!’ answered Clinton, dryly.”),


An aerial view shows makeshift shelters, tents and containers where migrants live in what is known as the "Jungle", a sprawling camp in Calais, France, on Sept. 7, 2016.
UK filmmaker on fate of unaccompanied minors in Calais
British filmmaker Sue Clayton's recent documentary "Calais Children: A Case to Answer" tracks unaccompanied minors at the infamous Jungle migrant camp in Calais. Clayton followed the children before and after the camp's destruction. The film is a human portrait, offering faces and names for the most vulnerable people in the migrant crisis, which years later still has no solution. She joined us for Perspective.

Heck of a coincidence that they would specifically mention this city in France and it would just so happen to be where a camp was made to house unaccompanied child immigrants. One of biggest focal points in Trump's presidency which has never been this much at the forefront ever in our history.

For the American De Witt Clinton and the British Trumpley (Trump) Wailes are, it happens, college chums from the Continent, now living in Gloucestershire amid an excess of fretting about reputations, marriageability, and annual incomes.

Trumpley Wailes huh?

I have already pointed out the off the wall connections with the 2 princes of Wales names, William and Henry/Harry to Trump in real life and now we have yet another one in this predictive book. Never mind the fact that Baron Trumps real name is Wilhelm Heinrich. William Henry Wales.

Baron Trump's Marvelous Underground Journey

Trump Is the Star of These Bizarre Victorian Novels

The first thing to know about Baron Trump is that he can’t stop talking about his brain. While meeting with the Russian government, he talks about his glorious gray matter. As foreign women fall for him, he mentions his superior intelligence before casting them off. He once sued his tutors, alleging that they owed him money for everything he had taught them. He won.
This Trump does not exist, except in the dusty stacks of a library, digital archive or Reddit thread near you. He’s not a member of the first family, but instead the entirely fictional protagonist of a series of somewhat satirical Victorian novels for kids.
In July, a flock of internet detectives discovered the books. The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulger was published in 1889, and quickly forgotten thereafter, as was its sequel, Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Adventure. They are not timeless, and were quickly overshadowed by more compelling contemporary entries in the fanciful-travel-stories-for-children genre, like A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court and The Wizard of Oz. Their author, lawyer Ingersoll Lockwood, appears in history mostly for his role in a financial tangle that occurred in the aftermath of an elderly woman's death on the railroad tracks near Philadelphia.
In these books, the young German protagonist, Wilhelm Heinrich Sebastian Von Troomp, better known as Baron Trump, travels around and under the globe with his dog Bulger, meeting residents of as-of-yet undiscovered lands before arriving back home at Castle Trump. Trump is precocious, restless, and prone to get in trouble, with a brain so big that his head has grown to twice the normal size—a fact that, as we have seen, he mentions often. No one tells Trump that his belief that he looks great in traditional Chinese garb—his uniform for both volumes—is unwarranted.
Lockwood’s books are spring break meets Carmen Sandiego meets Jabberwocky; at the start of each story, Trump sets out eager to find new civilizations—and manages to get distracted by more than one lady along the way. One of the first places he visits in Travels and Adventures is the land of the toothless and nearly weightless Wind Eaters, who inflate to beach-ball size after a meal. They are generous hosts until Trump starts a fire. The intrigued Wind Eaters draw near, and promptly explode after the air they have ingested expands thanks to the flames. As Captain Go-Whizz, “a sort of leader among them,” chases the murderer, the dog Bulger bites one of the Wind Eaters until he deflates like a punctured balloon. The pair eventually escape, leaving the briefly betrothed Princess Pouf-fah without a mate, and Chief Ztwish-Ztwish and Queen Phew-yoo with many a funeral to plan
This sequence of events—anthropological study, jilting, disaster, escape—is repeated for much of the two books, like when Trump meets the Man Hoppers, who have biker calves and puny T-rex arms, and soon runs away from their crying princess after first acquiring a book with centuries of priceless knowledge. A variation on this plot recurs when Trump visits the Round Bodies. (Perhaps a wandering life such as his was inevitable; as the book explains, he was born in the land of the Melodious Sneezers, whose alphabets consists of achoos of different length and tone.) Marvelous Underground Adventure is a slight twist on the theme, as all the societies are found deep below the dirt in Russia: the land of Transparent Folk, the ant people, and the Happy Forgetters, who dread remembering anything and will, like history, forget Baron Trump soon after he goes above ground.
And yet these strange little travelogues were unearthed, for the sole reason that they, like everything else that manages to inhale our attention spans lately, are about a Trump. Although his name almost mirrors the youngest of the Trump children (in Lockwood’s book, “Baron” is, of course, a title) the character seems eerily like an archetype modeled off the oldest of the clan, or at least an approximation of what he sees in the mirror. “The simple-minded peasantry,” the narrator notes in Marvelous Underground Adventure, “came to look upon him as half-bigwig and half-magician.” The young protagonist lives in a building called Trump—and did we mention that he is so smart that one might assume he went to Wharton? Like the real Trump, our fictional hero is skilled at inspiring nearly every person he meets to greet him with a personalized insult—including Little Man Lump, Little Man All Head, Man Tongs, Flip-Flop, Sir Pendulum Legs, stunted misshapen thing, and great-great-great-great grandson of a barbarian. The fictional Trump, too, greatly prefers familiar comfort foods to trying cuisine from elsewhere. The similarities do not extend much further; this Trump does not mind shaking hands and is willing to sleep somewhere other than Castle Trump.

Some interesting quotes from that book.

As you may remember, dear friends, my brain is a very active one ; and when once I become interested in a subject, Castle Trump itself might take tire and burn until the legs of my chair had become charred before I would hear the noise and confusion, or even smell the smoke.

Trump talks about his brain all the time and this description of getting too focused on something to not notice you're on fire seems to be pretty illustrative about Trump's tendencies to pursue something until it leads to his destruction. Kind of like what is happening with the border wall.

In this work Don Fum advanced the wonderful theory that there is every reason to believe that the interior of our world is inhabited ; that, as is well known, this vast earth ball is not solid, on the contrary, being in many places quite hollow ; that ages and ages ago terrible disturbances had taken place on its surface and had driven the inhabitants to seek refuge in these vast underground chambers, so vast, in fact, as well to merit the name of “ World within a World.”

He's basically referencing the end times, what happens at the end of every age. The Book of Revelations even talks about people being forced underground into caves because of whats going to happen on Earth. These predictive Masonic movies seem to reference the "Hollow Earth Theory" a lot.

Remember, little baron, the motto of the Trumps, Per Ardua ad Astra — the pathway to glory is strewn with pitfalls and dangers —but the comforting thought shall ever be mine, that when thy keen intelligence fails, Bulger’s unerr- ing instinct will be there to guide thee.”

Donald Trump speaking at CPAC in 2011
During my lifetime, I've always been told that a person of great accomplishment and achievement cannot become a politician or run for political office because there are too many enemies, both very smart and not so smart, strewn along this highway to success.

Interesting to note that Trump, as a malignant narcissist, only relies on his innate intelligence and on his instinct.

“I know what it all means, my dear son,” she murmured with the saddest of smiles ; “ but it never shall be said that Gertrude Baroness von Trump stood in the way of her son adding new glories to the family ’scutcheon. Go, go, little baron, and Heaven bring thee safely back to our arms and to our hearts in its own good time."

Biff Tannen from Back the the Future (who is obviously Trump) has a grandma who's name is Gertrude where he lives with her in 1955 on MASON street. Gertrude means spear of strength.

But the great thinker could not locate them with any accuracy. “ The people will tell thee ” was the mysterious phrase that occurred again and again on the mildewed pages of this wonderful writing. “ The people will tell thee.” Ah, but what people will be learned enough to tell me that? was the brain-racking question which I asked myself, sleeping and waking, at sunrise, at high noon, and at sunset ; at the crowing of the cock, and in the silent hours of the night. “ The people will tell thee,” said learned Don Fum. “ Ah, but what people will tell me where to find the portals to the World within a World?”

"The people will tell thee" might as well be Trump's own personal motto since he is driven by the group who he seeks approval from the most.

Hitherto on my travels I had made choice of a semi-Oriental garb, both on account of its picturesqueness and its lightness and warmth, but now as I was about to pass quite across Russia for a number of months, I resolved to don the Russian national costume ; for speaking Russian fluently.

China and Russia.

My trains of thought constantly disturbed by inquisitive travelling companions —a very important thing to me, for my mind possessed the extraordinary power of working out automatically any task assigned to it by me, provided it was not suddenly thrown off its track by some ridiculous interruption. For instance, I was upon the very point one day of discovering perpetual motion, when the gracious baroness suddenly opened the door and asked me whether I had pared the nails of my great toes lately, as she had observed that I had worn holes in several pairs of my best stockings.

Oddly enough, this is kind of how Trump's brain works. He doesn't plan things out or study, he just runs off of instinct.

And so we got away at last from Hitch on the Ilitch, Ivan on the box, and Bulger and I at the back, sitting close together like two brothers that we were —two beasts with but a single heart-beat and two brains busy with the same thought — that come perils or come sudden attacks, come covert danger or bold and open-faced onslaught, we should stand together and fall together!

Literally calls himself 2 beasts like from the Book of Revelations.

There had been many Trumps, but never one that had thrown up his arms and cried, “ I surrender ” and should I be the first to do it? “Never! Not even if it meant never to see dear old Castle Trump again!"

Another choice to be Trump's personal motto. "Never surrender". I'm sure this bodes well for Mueller's investigation.

The Last President (1900)

This is someone else's summary of each chapter. Keep in mind that this is the same author as the Little Baron Trump books.

The 88 Connection


If you want to see all the crazy shit dealing with Back to the Future movies, go here. Theres more than just Trump too.


Knowing: 11/9 - 88 - 33 / Goddess

I only discovered this movie and this clip a month or 2 ago and talks about all sorts of things I have been mentioning. Specifically plane crashes and it ties them to the number 88. Also talks about 11/9 , 9/11 and Diana (as in Princess Diana) and it specifically mentions this gigantic plane crash that happened in Scotland, exactly 30 years from the winter solstice and the day in which a movie about the Rise of Atlantis came out.


12/21/2018 seems like a pretty important marker for something.

The Gate (1987) 88 portal / Lightning

This is probably the freakiest one as I believe this will actually happen.

The 2 pines represent the 2 sacrifices I think (pine = pinael gland = 3rd eye). The demon he points to here looks exactly like the left mirrored side of the Jesus Vatican statue which I have pictured right next to it. More references to plane crashes. The black and red 8 looking symbol is the letter Heth (H) in Phoenician which I placed there. Its means wall or fence. Its also the 8th letter.
A literal dog named Sirius died in the WTC on 9/11. K-9 = 11-9. Sirius is known as the dog star,

Trump is a malignant narcissist which means he does what is called psychological projection. Its means he denies negative qualities about himself and then attributes them to others. So apply that to him calling people dogs and I think the matrix is telling us something here.


The Little Baron Trump books say he is known as a "half big wig, half magician". That "Magician" card was on the cover of the 2017 Economist magazine along with a host of other Trump related cards. This one has the infinity 8 above his head and hes wearing VR goggles and looks like he's hitting a switch and making everything go through some sort of portal or gate.

Donnie Darko


The first screen shot is of the engine that fell on his house. They zoomed up on it perfectly to make that image on purpose. Which so just so happens to look exactly like the Large Hadron Collider from CERN which was built between 1998 and 2008 according to Wikipedia. This movie came out in 2001. The next screen shot is of an American flag and an upside down Led Zeppelin poster. One with the Angel looking man in the shape of the phoenix and Hebrew W which stands for fire. I'll let you come to your own conclusions about that one but it was a very purposeful shot and it was right as he was leaving his house before the plane fell in his room which would have killed him if he wouldn't have left. The next one over is a short dream/vision Donnie has of what looks like a flooded city but when you look closer its his school. He then goes and floods the school to which a teacher complains because the book a class was reading was about kids who "destroy an old mans house" by flooding it. A book Donnie commented on earlier in the movie saying that the reasoning behind the destruction was just to see what would happen and that destruction is a form of creation. The "storm in a teacup" picture? Well its just one more thing that correlates to that bag of random shit I got out of no where a few months ago. Then you have the blatant references to the "Storm" and its about children. His fucking name is Donnie (Trump?) and the rabbits name is Frank. Like Frank Underwood from House of Cards or Frank as in Francis, Pope Francis.

In the movie, Donnie calls this guy who everyone thinks is awesome but he thinks is a giant liar the Antichrist and then burns his house down only for the cops to find a child sex dungeon in his house afterwords. He gets visions of giant waves, fire, the sky opening up. He goes to a Jesuit school. There a reference to a unicorn. They watch a movie called Watership Down about a rabbit that foretellls of doom coming. A movie that was just remade this year and put on Netflix btw. The 2 "bad guys' (if you can even call them that) in the movie, one of the is named Seth (the others real name is Seth, Seth Rogen) and he barely talks but he mentions Satan when he does.

Taxi Driver (Robert Deniro): 88 Assassination


And here we have more odd connections to the Royal family and Trump.
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Foreign Ownership of Land Register, Safe and Secure Rentals and Airport Authority Publicising Lost Property Sales drawn from ballot + Members Day Update

How the Day Unfolded
12 Questions to Ministers were answered
1 Question to a member was answered
The General Debate was Held
The general debate is held every week on Wednesday after Question Time. The formal procedure for the debate is that a member move a motion that the house take note of miscellaneous business. Members have 5 minutes to speak to whatever issue they wish. At the end of the hour the motion lapses and no question is put or vote taken.
The speakers were:
Call Member Party Seat Topic
1. Andrew Little Labour List Housing, The Budget, The State of the Govt
2. Amy Adams National Selwyn The Labour Greens MOU & Government announcements in the past 4 weeks
3. Iain Lees-Galloway Labour Palmerston North Immigration
4. Anne Tolley National East Coast Welfare Reforms & Regional Development
5. Ron Mark New Zealand First List Immigration & the rise of New Zealand First at the expense of Labour and National
6. Craig Foss National Tukituki Andrew Little v Stuart Nash and East Coast development
7. Peter Dunne United Future Ohariu Children in New Zealand
8. Sarah Dowie National Invercargill Economic Growth and Development in Southland
9. Marama Davidson Green List Housing
10. Jono Naylor National List Recent Government Announcements
11. Louisa Wall Labour Manurewa Social Development & homelessness
12. Dr Shane Reti National Whangarei Government achievements and announcements
A transcript of the debate can be found – here
Private and Local Orders of the Day
Member’s Orders of the Day
  • The Minimum Wage (Contractor Remuneration) Amendment Bill was read a second time. This bill is in the name of Labour list MP David Parker. This Bill amends the Minimum Wage Act 1983 to extend its provisions to apply to payments under a contract for services that are remunerated at below the minimum wage. Act and National voted against the bill but the vote was won after United Future voted in favour of the bill.
  • The first reading of the Oaths and Declarations (Endorsing the Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi) Amendment Bill was not agreed to. The purpose of this bill is to ensure that a person taking any oath set out in statute may, in addition to the words of the oath, elect to state that they will perform their duties in accordance with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
    This bill saw spirited debate including the contribution of Treaty Affairs Minister and Attorney General Chris Finlayson (National – list). Arguments in favour contended that one could swear an oath on a bible to uphold the law according to their religious belief but not to uphold the principles of the Treaty that founded our nation. The counter argument was one based on the lack of need and that government agencies already uphold the principles of the treaty during their day to day activities and are required to consider them during decision making.
    The votes were:
    Party Aye Nay
    National 0 59
    Labour 32 0
    Green 14 0
    New Zealand First 0 12
    Maori 2 0
    Act 1 0
    United Future 1 0
    Total 50 71
  • The Social Security (Stopping Benefit Payments for Offenders who Repeatedly Fail to Comply with Community Sentences) Amendment Bill was read a first time. The bill was passed 61 – 60. This bill is in the name of National MP for Rodney Mark Mitchell. This bill would give the Department of Corrections the power to issue warnings to persons who have not complied with community-based sentences, with the consequence of withholding benefit payments. It has been referred to the Social Services Select Committee.
Debate Interrupted
  • The debate on the Customs and Excise (Prohibition of Imports Made by Slave Labour) Amendment Bill was interrupted when Mark Mitchell (National – Rodney) was speaking with 9 speeches remaining. The bill is in the name of Labour’s Tāmaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare and amends the Customs and Excise Act 1996 to make goods produced in whole or in part by slave labour a prohibited import. National have indicated they will be voting against the bill.
The Biscuit Tin of Democracy
It has been a while but the biscuit tin has been dusted off and there was space for 3 bills to be drawn today. 79 bills were entered into the ballot.
The winning bills were:
Psephology Spotlight
Elections Concluded
  • In South Africa the ruling African National Congress suffered massive losses in their worst election performance since the end of Apartheid. The municipal council elections (which are conducted under MMP) saw the ANC lose majority control of many battleground cities including Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay and minor parties now are engaging in coalition talks between the ANC and opposition Democratic Alliance over who gets to control the council. In the last election the ANC garnered 62% of the popular vote whereas this year they mustered 54%. Corruption and economic woes are attributed to the swing away from the ANC. Famously President Zuma was found by the Constitutional Court to have benefited from $16 million worth of illegal expenditure to his personal home. In another example local corruption resulted in hundreds of toilets being built, row upon row, where houses should be instead.- see 1:20 in the video The ANC have promised to do a review in preparation for the next general election in 2019 and the position of President Zuma appears to be on shakey ground. However, many factions within the party are loyal to Zuma and it is thought that it is unlikely he could be brought down without a fight. Turnout was particularly key to the election results. Significant amounts of the population are still loyal to the ANC and so express their dissatisfaction by not turning up to vote, as they will not vote for any other party. Winning these groups back by 2019 is the new priority for the ANC and the opposition is hoping to win them over by bringing new leadership to local government.
  • The small African island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe has a new president after their August 7 vote. The first round was held on July 17 and provisional results suggested that challenger Evaristo Carvalho, a former Prime Minister, had won but the result was annulled due to irregularities. Incumbent president Pinto da Costa boycotted the second round after claiming Carvalho engaged in fraudulent activity in round 1 meaning Carvalho was elected unopposed. Costa served as the nation’s first president from 1975 – 1991 and was elected again in 2011. He will leave office in early September.
Upcoming Elections
  • Presidential elections will be held in Gabon on 28 August 2016. The president serves a seven year term and is elected via first past the post. The issue for the opposition is that given the multitude of candidates standing (14 are approved to be on the ballot) vote splitting may result in incumbent President Ali Bongo Ondimba sneaking back into office much like how Ondimba was first elected in 2009. Former United Nations General Assembly President and Gabonese Foreign Minister Jean Ping is considered Ondimba’s toughest competition. Ping served under Ondimba’s father who was president of Gabon from 1967 until his death in 2009 and was involved in demonstrations against Ondimba which were broken up by police.
  • General elections and a constitutional referendum will be held in Zambia on 11 August. At stake are 150 members of the National Assembly, the five year term of president and an amendment to the Bill of Rights. The amendment would see Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental rights inserted alongside civil and political rights. Additionally the referendum if approved would see the rules for amendments to the constitution and bill of rights changed. In the race for president Edgar Lungu of the Patriotic Front is hoping to be elected to his first full term in office after winning the 2015 presidential by election. He is facing a rematch with Hakainde Hichilema of the United Party for National Development who missed out on victory by 27,757 votes last time in a race that still is disputed. The election method is two round first past the post. The Patriotic Front currently has a plurality of seats (60) in the multi party National Assembly who are elected via first past the post.
Fact of the Day – Housing the Prime Minister
All over the world Prime Ministers and leaders receive as a perk of their office a home that they can reside in throughout their tenure. In the United Kingdom it is 10 Downing Street, The French Prime Minister calls Hôtel Matignon home, The Prime Minister of Canada gets 24 Sussex Drive while the Prime Minister of India gets 7, Race Course Road (A.K.A Panchavati). In Australia the Prime Minister has The Lodge in Canberra and Kirribilli House in Sydney. In New Zealand it is Premier House but this hasn't always been the case.
In the early days of the New Zealand Parliament, premiers were required to find their own accommodation. This changed in 1865 when the capital moved to Wellington and the government acquired a simple 22-year-old wooden cottage in Thorndon’s Tinakori Road. This was a damp, flood-prone gully, but it was close to Parliament. A Wellington newspaper, elated by the city’s new status, thought the £2900 price ‘cheap’. An Auckland paper called it a ‘monstrous waste of public money’.
New Zealands sixth Premier, Frederick Weld, didn’t get to spend long in the house. Weld made many enemies by overseeing the moving of the capital to Auckland from Wellington as well as seeing the confiscation of more than a million acres of land from Waikato Maori. The finances of his government were precarious at best and his relations with the Governor soured over the withdrawal of British Troops. In October 1865 his government resigned after less than a year in the position.
With the arrival of the Vogel family in 1872 the house adopted the name “the casino” and consisted of 8 bedrooms with conservatory and ballroom. The ballroom got a hammering. They made Premier House the social centre of Wellington. In July 1876 Lady Vogel sent out 250 invitations to a calico fancy dress ball, ‘the most brilliant of its kind yet seen in this city’. The Vogels also imported New Zealand’s first lawn tennis set, though Sir Julius was too unfit to chase the ball far.
In 1884 the Vogels returned for another three years. Sir Julius was obese and gouty, so Cabinet often met in an office built in the house. In 1886 he added a lift to take him from the dining room up to his bedroom.
After the Vogels moved out, the government tried to sell the property. But the press and public fought back. Wellington people valued its spacious grounds as a public amenity. Only the furniture was sold. Some suggested turning the site into an old men’s home or a university, but it stayed empty. MPs’ salaries had been cut, and the Liberal ministers of the 1890s had to live cheaply. Premier Richard John Seddon lived in a modest ministerial residence at 47 Molesworth Street. ‘This isn’t at all a nice house; it is surrounded, like a nunnery, with a high and close and ugly wooden fence, and presents a dismal appearance’, a voter complained. Seddon’s son remembered it fondly as ‘a political house. Politics was the sole subject day after day – at breakfast, dinner and tea.’
The Tinakori Street residence, vacant since 1893, was leased out from 1896 to 1900, when it became a ministerial residence again.
The house’s fortunes recovered when Seddon’s deputy, Joseph Ward, moved in. Ward, soon to be Sir Joseph, and prime minister from 1906, named it Awarua House. Like Vogel, he enjoyed the good life. The Wards threw ‘at homes’, garden parties, receptions, garden fetes, balls and wedding receptions. Sometimes over 1000 people gathered there. When Governor Ranfurly dropped in for a chat, they served him whisky in special large glasses. Sir Joseph liked to free office hours for talking or socialising. So he spent the early morning in his study in pyjamas and dressing gown, signing the documents delivered by his chief secretaries.
William Massey, the house’s next lengthy occupant, renamed it Ariki Toa, ‘home of the chief’. During the First World War the Masseys used it for patriotic activities.
In 1925, Gordon Coates called Ariki Toa ‘a happy home … a haven of rest’. That year he rebuilt the conservatory and added an enclosed veranda above it. Four years later Cabinet again tried to sell it. ‘Sunless and damp, and the gardening costly and unnecessary’, an official sniffed. But again, public protests prevented a sale.
Ariki Toa’s role as the prime minister’s official house ended in the 1930s when George Forbes moved out. In 1935 the new prime minister, Michael Joseph Savage, a frugal bachelor, made the break permanent by choosing a smaller ministerial home in Molesworth Street. Three years later, dying of cancer, he moved into Hill Haven, 66 Harbour View Road, in the suburb of Northland. Prime Minister Peter Fraser decided to remain in Hill Haven throughout the 1940’s preferring its scenic outlook.
Sidney Holland preferred a place with a guest bathroom. He renovated 41 Pipitea Street in Thorndon. This brick house is close to Parliament, but its surroundings were still industrial, ‘with a brewery chimney quite close, a paint factory next door, commercial offices (B.P. Ltd) on the eastern boundary.’ The section had a small lawn in front and room for a clothes line behind, but the house was too small to entertain official guests.
Holland’s National successor Keith Holyoake also lived there. In 1966 the air was still ‘sodden with the smell of hops and malt from the brewery up the street, and jackhammers are busy tearing down Victorian ruins all around.’ But the economy-minded Holyoake dismissed all suggestions of building a new official residence. The Holyoakes put buckets under the leaks in the kitchen roof whenever it rained. Today Pipitea Street is still an important part of New Zealand politics and serves as the home of the National Party offices
Holyoake was not as eccentric as he might seem. Ministerial houses were seldom very flash. Every time the government changed, prime ministers-elect trotted around these places, often still occupied by defeated ministers and their families. In November 1972, for example, Norman Kirk and his wife, Ruth, went house hunting. Because they knew Holyoake had let 41 Pipitea Street deteriorate, they did not even bother to look at it. They chose a Seatoun house recommended by their ministerial driver.
The Ministry of Works looked after ministers’ houses. As many had been bought only to be demolished for motorways and other development, it skimped on their maintenance and furnishing. Television came to New Zealand in 1960, but the Ministry waited until 1965 before providing TV aerials for ministers’ houses. Ministers paid for their own sets until 1973, when Cabinet made them free – provided the screens did not exceed 23 inches (58 cm).
In 1976 New Zealand regained an official home for its prime minister for the first time in 40 years. Ten years earlier, Jocelyn Vogel had given Vogel House in Lower Hutt to the Crown to mark 100 years of Parliament in Wellington. Designed in 1933 by Helmore and Cotterill, it was one of the Hutt Valley’s last large houses designed for a family and domestic staff.
Prime Minister Robert Muldoon rushed to refurbish Vogel House in time for a dinner for the visiting Queen Elizabeth II in February 1977. He was our first modern leader able to offer VIPs proper hospitality. David Lange, who succeeded Muldoon in 1984, never liked Vogel House and kept his family in Auckland. He ‘camped’ in a tiny first floor apartment in the house, moaning about the staff folding the edge of the toilet paper in neat triangles, hotel-style. Finding it too far from the Beehive, he saw out his term as prime minister in a flat near Parliament.
After Michael Joseph Savage rejected Tinakori Street, it became ‘the murder house’, a children’s dental clinic. The Public Works Department raised seedlings at the front of the grounds. In 1977 the dental nurses moved out, leaving the property empty. In the early to mid-1980s the Ministry of Works repiled the building and fitted sprinklers, but it remained underutilised. Some wanted to redevelop the site, but the Thorndon Society and the Historic Places Trust defended its heritage qualities. It is a Category I historic place on the Trust register. In the late 1980s, Minister of Internal Affairs Michael Bassett decided to restore 260 Tinakori Road as an official prime ministerial residence. The conservation of Premier House, as they renamed it, was a 1990 Sesquicentennial project. That year Geoffrey Palmerand his wife, Margaret, became its first official residents.
Premier House has housed every subsequent prime minister. Some made it a family home, but Helen Clark and John Key kept their families in Auckland, using Premier House as a workday squat. ‘There’s a little corner which has the bedroom and the bathroom, and … I go into the bedroom somewhere around midnight or later,’ Clark said in 2002. ‘The alarm goes in the morning, I wander along to the kitchen, I turn on the jug and make a cup of tea. Then I’m out of there.’
Nevertheless, Premier House hosts VIPs, such as Prince William, who attended a barbecue there in 2010. It is also used by politicians and officials for meetings and is the venue for events such as awards ceremonies. Premier House was one of the few Crown-owned ministerial houses retained by the government recently after it reformed ministerial expenses, terminated many leases and put ministers on to flat allowances to cover their Wellington expenses.
Information provided by NZhistory.net.nz
Previous facts of the day: Speaker's flat, Urgency, Jernigham Wakefield, Sidney Holland and the Suicide Squad, 1951 the last majority election, The Business Committee, New Zealand's First Parliament in Auckland, 1947 Greymouth beer boycott, So goes Hamilton so goes the nation, Australia and Compulsory Voting
Standing Order of the Day - SO311 - Recommittal
A motion to recommit a bill to a committee of the whole House may be moved after the order of the day for the third reading of the bill has been called. There is no amendment or debate on the question.
Local Elections are coming
Elections for Mayors, Councils, Community Boards, Regional Council and District Health Boards will be held on 8 October.
This election will be via Postal vote after a possible internet voting trial was scrapped. Only those correctly enrolled by Friday 12 August 2016 will get their voting papers for the 2016 local elections sent to them in the mail.
Voting papers will be sent out from 16 September and must be received by the electoral officer by noon on Election Day, 8 October 2016.
Enrolling or updating your details is easy - go online at elections.org.nz, freetext your name and address to 3676, call 0800 36 76 56 or go to any PostShop.
If you want to nominate as a candidate you have until 12 August to submit your papers. For more information visit your council website or consult Vote 2016
To see the nominations so far received for most councils and authorities click here
The next members day is expected to be on August 24
To see today's order paper click here
To see business currently before Select Committee Click Here
To see past Members Day Updates Click Here
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What's happening around town (Wed, Dec 5th - Tue, Dec 11th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


Wednesday, Dec 5th

  • 🎨 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Dec 7th Start Time: 10:00am September 1 – May 12, 2019 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters As Lakota artist Oscar Howe wrote in 1958, “There is much more to Indian art, than pretty, stylized pictures.” This exhibition highlights this depth and the 20th century American masters who shaped it. Explore early artists such as the Kiowa Six, Tonita…
  • Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Dec 8th The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities of…
  • Dungeons & Dragons (Edmond Unplugged - Edmond) Start Time: 7:00pm A City on the Edge with Ashley King No Cost Beginners and experienced players welcome Pre-made characters will be available No outside food and drink, food and drink available within the store
  • 🎨 'Fantasy Rewind' (The Paramount OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm We are very proud to present a brand new VHS series out at The Paramount Screening Room on Film Row OKC! FANTASY REWIND will be us sharing classic science-fiction TV shows, animation, and fantasy VHS tapes! We're going hard into retro sci-fi with these shows and can't wait to bring you all along for the ride!
    The Paramount Screening Room has…
  • Golden Harmonizers Christmas Concert (Edmond Senior Center - Edmond) Start Time: 12:00pm Enjoy a special Christmas performance by our very own Golden Harmonizers. Directed by: Gary Hook
  • 😂 Greg Morton (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City)
  • 🎓 ILLUMINATIONS: A Northern Lights Experience in the Crystal Bridge Conservatory (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Dec 7th Start Time: 6:00pm Presented by OGE Energy Corp. November 23 – January 2 Evenings Enjoy a new take on holiday lighting inside the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory beginning November 23 through January 2nd. Professional designers using the latest lighting technology are taking our holiday display to the next level, beyond strings of lights. Bring your…
  • Jessica Pratt & Kurt Vile (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Kurt Vile and the Violaters in Concert (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Head to the Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City for an evening of introspective folk as Kurt Vile and the Violators take the…
  • Live Music- Medium Swing (Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🍴 Open for Lunch! (The Melting Pot - Oklahoma City) Thru Fri, Dec 7th Start Time: 11:30am Starting Black Friday you can enjoy The Melting Pot all day long! We will be opening our doors at 11:30 am every day until December 23. Make your reservation today!
  • Phillip Brandon (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Edmond Senior Center's Golden Harmonizers Christmas Concert (Tailgating Lot - Edmond) Start Time: 12:00pm Enjoy a special Christmas performance by our very own Golden Harmonizers. Directed by: Gary Hook http://edmondok.com/calendar.aspx?EID=7390
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2018 Presented By Hallmark Channel (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm
  • 🏆 Wednesday Game Night (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Play the games you love for jackpots and then play more games you love for Extra Cash & Prizes on Game Night at Remington Park, every Wednesday! Starting at 6pm on Wednesday nights at Remington Park, just make sure to use your Club Remington Card as you play in the casino. Doing so may get you selected via hot seat drawings to make Free Spins,…

Thursday, Dec 6th

  • 🍴 10th Annual Ugly Sweater Party (The Melting Pot - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Don’t miss The Melting Pot’s 10th Annual Holiday Sweater Party! You can’t bring yourself to wear it in public, but you don’t have the heart to throw it out. Here’s your chance to dig that ugly old holiday sweater out of the closet and join us for a festive evening of fun and four-course fondue.
  • $ 2018 OHA Annual Convention & Trade Show (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) The Oklahoma Hospital Association Spirit Award is given annually to exceptional individuals in the hospital community whose exemplary leadership and dedication have significantly enhanced patient care, their organizations and/or their communities. Each year, a different theme is emphasized. For 2018, the theme is the Spirit of Passion and…
  • 🎨 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 10:00am September 1 – May 12, 2019 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters As Lakota artist Oscar Howe wrote in 1958, “There is much more to Indian art, than pretty, stylized pictures.” This exhibition highlights this depth and the 20th century American masters who shaped it. Explore early artists such as the Kiowa Six, Tonita…
  • 🎨 The Art Market : Locally Made, Gift Inspired Works (DNA galleries - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Keeping in mind December gift giving, our featured artists have created smaller works that can be...
  • 🎨 Art Moves (The Paramount OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 12:00pm Join Arts Council Oklahoma City and deadCenter Film on Thursday, December 6th from noon to 1pm for a FREE film screening in The Paramount's historic...
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Dec 8th The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities of…
  • Shawnee Christmas Parade of Lights (Downtown - Shawnee) Enjoy one of Oklahoma's largest nighttime Christmas parades and watch as Main Street comes alive with lights. The…
  • COOP Showcase (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm $10 with ticketing fees Standing Room Only
  • DNA GALLERIES: The Art Market (DNA galleries - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm DNA GALLERIES: ART EXHIBITIONS
  • Heart of Oklahoma Parade of Lights (Main Street - Purcell) Bundle up and make your way to downtown Purcell for the Heart of Oklahoma Parade of Lights. Watch bands, dancing groups,…
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Holiday Happening (Sam Noble Museum - Norman) Start Time: 4:00pm Get in the holiday spirit with cookie decorating, pictures with Santa, games, winter crafts and a blizzard of fun! This even is open to the public and...
  • Home for the Holidays: A Gift of American Dance (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Dec 9th Get in the rhythm of the holidays with a Broadway-style dance extravaganza at Oklahoma City University. Come marvel at…
  • 🎓 ILLUMINATIONS: A Northern Lights Experience in the Crystal Bridge Conservatory (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 6:00pm Presented by OGE Energy Corp. November 23 – January 2 Evenings Enjoy a new take on holiday lighting inside the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory beginning November 23 through January 2nd. Professional designers using the latest lighting technology are taking our holiday display to the next level, beyond strings of lights. Bring your…
  • Jake's Jingle Jam (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Head to Riverwind Casino in Norman for Jake's Jingle Jam. Featuring Devin Dawson and Maddie & Tae, guests are in for…
  • Jake's Jingle Jam ft. Devin Dawson & Maddie & Tae (Riverwind Casino - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🎭 Lewis Black: The Joke's On US Tour (Rose State College Hudiburg Chevrolet Center - Midwest City) Start Time: 8:00pm Don't miss stand-up comedian Lewis Black's hilarious show "The Joke's on Us" at the Rose State…
  • Lucki (Chevy Bricktown Events Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Chickasha Main Street Christmas Parade (Rock Island Depot - Chickasha) The 2018 Christmas Magic holiday parade features marching bands, floats, antique cars, horses and more. Come to the annual…
  • 🎓 Managing Stress (Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center - Edmond) Start Time: 6:30pm Being stressed is uncomfortable. When you know why stress happens, you will know how to deal with it and how to antidote it. The trick is to learn the essential tools that stop stress happening.
    Regardless of its origins, stress drains our physical, emotional and mental energy.
    Several myths exist about the causes of stress and the most…
  • 🎭 Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY By Lauren Gunderson & Margot Melcon Showing in the Burg Theatre at Oklahoma City University A sequel to Jane...
  • 🍴 Open for Lunch! (The Melting Pot - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Start Time: 11:30am Starting Black Friday you can enjoy The Melting Pot all day long! We will be opening our doors at 11:30 am every day until December 23. Make your reservation today!
  • Ramblin' Jack Elliott with Michael Fracasso (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🏃 Red Coyote Pack Pint Run (Classen Curve - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Come run with the pack! The weekly Red Coyote Running and Fitness Pack Pint Run is an out-and-back 3-mile course so you can go as far or a short as you...
  • SahBabii (Chevy Bricktown Events Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Saints Sessions (Saints - Oklahoma City) Head to the Plaza District each Thursday for an evening of Saints Sessions programming. Visit Saints Pub in Oklahoma City on…
  • SG Tip (Chevy Bricktown Events Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • Sip 'N Shop (Classen Curve - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Take a break from the holiday craze with an evening full of fashion, food, fun, and best of all - cocktails! Other cool things? Live entertainment, prize...
  • SpringHill Suites Art Night (SpringHill Suites by Marriott Oklahoma City Airport - Oklahoma City) Head to SpringHill Suites by Marriott Quail Springs Oklahoma City for a night filled with art. During SpringHill Suites…
  • 🎓 Moore Toastmasters (1st United Methodist Church - Moore) Start Time: 7:00pm Do you cringe at the thought of being in front of a room communicating? Maybe you have no idea how to construct your thoughts for your next business meeting?
    Come and join toastmasters and learn the art of public speaking and leadership. It is a safe and great learning environment for you to start or refine your public speaking skills. There…
  • Young Nudy (Chevy Bricktown Events Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm

Friday, Dec 7th

  • 🎓 Edmond Ambucs Friday Luncheon (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Start Time: 12:00pm The Edmond Chapter Ambucs “creating mobility & independence for people with disabilities” hosts a weekly luncheon every Friday. Please join us at 12PM Noon, UCO Nigh Center, Cherokee Room. We also meet the 2nd Tues. night monthly, 5:30PM, Rock & Brews, 2737 W. Memorial Rd. for $5 burgers & FREE appetizers. More info., call (405)820-9667.
  • 🎨 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 10:00am September 1 – May 12, 2019 American Indian Artists: 20th Century Masters As Lakota artist Oscar Howe wrote in 1958, “There is much more to Indian art, than pretty, stylized pictures.” This exhibition highlights this depth and the 20th century American masters who shaped it. Explore early artists such as the Kiowa Six, Tonita…
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) 1 day left The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities of…
  • Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant (Edmond) Thru Sun, Dec 9th The Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant has been an annual gift from Boys Ranch Town to the community and visitors…
  • 🎭 A Christmas Carol (Rose State College - Midwest City) Start Time: 10:00am A Christmas Carol is a ghost of a tale about the mean-spirited Ebenezer Scrooge-a businessman who believes charity promotes idleness and the poor should...
  • 🎭 A Christmas Story The Musical (The Sooner Theatre - Norman) Start Time: 7:30pm BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND!!! This musical, which received rave reviews on its Broadway run, is based on the movie classic that runs round-the-clock on...
  • City of Del City Christmas Tree Lighting (Del City Community Center - Del City) Start Time: 6:00pm Come and Join the City of Del City and The Del City Chamber of Commerce for the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. This is a great event for the whole...
  • Combsy + Henna Roso: Metro Music Series (ACM @ UCO - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Tickets are $10. Chris Combs, guitarist, composer and member of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, offers his debut, self-titled solo album, “Combsy.” “Combsy”...
  • A Down Home Christmas presented by A Gypsy and A Cowgirl (Firelake Arena - Shawnee) Start Time: 6:00pm Shop before Christmas! Vintage items, repurposed, antiques, hand crafted, specialty boutique items and more! VIP Night - December 7th $10 entry Live...
  • First Friday Gallery Walk (Paseo Arts District - Oklahoma City) The First Friday Gallery Walk in the Paseo Arts District occurs on the first Friday of every month. Friday night visitors…
  • 😂 Greg Morton (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Home for the Holidays: A Gift of American Dance (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Dec 9th Get in the rhythm of the holidays with a Broadway-style dance extravaganza at Oklahoma City University. Come marvel at…
  • Hyborian and Bummer (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Hyborian with Bummer $10 Hyborian Riffy, thrashy, doomy, metal. Record Label: Season of Mist https://www.facebook.com/HyborianRock/...
  • 🎓 ILLUMINATIONS: A Northern Lights Experience in the Crystal Bridge Conservatory (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 6:00pm Presented by OGE Energy Corp. November 23 – January 2 Evenings Enjoy a new take on holiday lighting inside the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory beginning November 23 through January 2nd. Professional designers using the latest lighting technology are taking our holiday display to the next level, beyond strings of lights. Bring your…
  • 🎨 Inclusion in Art (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm The Art Hall is pleased to announce the opening of its next exhibition, organized by local group Inclusion in Art, on December 7, 2018, from 6-9pm.
    On this special evening, the gallery will also host a book signing with local author Julia Fresonke. Julia's new book "Seven Months in Brazil" will be available for purchase.
    Enjoy deliciously…
  • John Fullbright in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Oklahoma musician John Fullbright returns to his home state for a concert at the Blue Door in Oklahoma City. The…
  • 🎭 Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 8:00pm MISS BENNET: CHRISTMAS AT PEMBERLEY By Lauren Gunderson & Margot Melcon Showing in the Burg Theatre at Oklahoma City University A sequel to Jane...
  • Myriad Kitchen: Holiday Dessert (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Friday, December 7, 6-7:30pm Member $20; Nonmember $27 Pam Patty, RD/LD, Community Wellness Dietician for Integris Health; Oklahoma Master Gardener REGISTER HERE Holidays in the kitchen are cherished memories. In this “make, take, and bake” workshop, the smell of Deep Dish Artisan Apple Pie will fill the room as you handcraft the crust from…
  • OCU Eagles: 40th Annual Twilight OCU Christmas Vespers Concert (Oklahoma City First Presbyterian Church - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm More than 250 choral singers and orchestral musicians will join forces Friday, Dec. 7, for a seasonal celebration encompassing Scripture reading, poetry,...
  • 🍴 Open for Lunch! (The Melting Pot - Oklahoma City) Last Day Start Time: 11:30am Starting Black Friday you can enjoy The Melting Pot all day long! We will be opening our doors at 11:30 am every day until December 23. Make your reservation today!
  • 😂 Open Mic Night (Don Quixote Club - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Every Friday is open mic comedy at Don Quixote's! Come see Oklahoma City's up and coming talent. If you're a comedian, sign up begins at 7:30. Show at 8. Stick around for the best karaoke in the city.
  • Pancho Barraza (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • 🎭 Scrooge In Rouge - Christmas Show At The Boom (The Boom - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎓 State of the Aerospace Defense Industry (Sheraton - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am Host Sponsor Signature Event Sponsors State of the Aerospace Defense Industry Date: 12/07/2018 Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm Location: Sheraton Midwest City Hotel at The Reed Conference Center 5750 Will Rogers Road Midwest City, OK 73110 Map to Event Add to My Calendar Aerospace plays a key role in the Greater Oklahoma City economy. At this annual…
  • Surreptitious: The After Work Social Mixer (Avenue 101 - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm $10 Fishbowls $3 Hennessy Black $1 Beers $10 Hookah ($5 the 1st Hour) 3 Wine ::NO COVER::

Saturday, Dec 8th

  • 🏆 All College Classic (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am Children ages 2 and up must have a ticket.
  • Backwoods Country Music Show (The Centre Theatre - El Reno) Come to the historic Centre Theatre in downtown El Reno to experience the Backwoods Country Music Show. Featuring…
  • Barrel Racing Futurity World Championship (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Last Day The annual Barrel Racing Futurity World Championships come to Oklahoma State Fair Park. Put on by the Barrel Futurities of…
  • Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant (Edmond) 1 day left The Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant has been an annual gift from Boys Ranch Town to the community and visitors…
  • Christmas Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Dec 22nd Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on the Christmas Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…
  • Creative Christmas Craft Show (Cleveland County Fairgrounds - Norman) Bring your list and check it twice at the Creative Christmas Craft Show in Norman. Held within the Cleveland County…
  • 😂 Greg Morton (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2
  • Heartland Hunnies Craft & Vendor Show (Yukon) Shoppers are sure to find a little bit of everything at the Heartland Hunnies Craft & Vendor Show. This…
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Hip Hop Nutcracker (OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Ring in the holidays with a fun remix of a Christmas classic at RACE Dance Company's production of the Hip Hop…
  • Home for the Holidays: A Gift of American Dance (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Get in the rhythm of the holidays with a Broadway-style dance extravaganza at Oklahoma City University. Come marvel at…
  • Indie Trunk Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) The Indie Trunk Show in Oklahoma City is all about the local crafters, artists and businesses of Oklahoma. Browse through…
  • John Fullbright in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Oklahoma musician John Fullbright returns to his home state for a concert at the Blue Door in Oklahoma City. The…
  • Norman Main Street Christmas Holiday Parade (Downtown - Norman) Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose, but you won't want to miss this Norman holiday tradition. The Norman Main Street…
  • Nighttime Lighted Parade & Fireworks Show (Downtown - Kingfisher) Bundle up, grab your camera and get into the holiday spirit this December for Kingfisher's Nighttme Lighted Parade &…
  • R.K. Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the R.K. Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma…
  • 🏃 Sandridge Santa Run (Leadership Square - Oklahoma City) Whether you run or walk, the entire family will enjoy some holiday fun and fitness at the Downtown in December SandRidge Santa Run. The SandRidge Santa Run includes a 5K run, and One-Mile Fun Run, as well as cash prizes for best costumed runners. http://downtownindecember.com/sandridge-santa-run/
  • Sesame Street Live! Elmo & Friends Meet & Greet! From 2:00pm-2:30pm (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am Meet Elmo and his friends on stage on one of the world's most recognizable streets!
    With a ticket to this Meet & Greet experience, you can count on the following: • Meet and take photos with Elmo and two (2) of his friends before the show.* • Walk on stage and experience Sesame Street - everyone's favorite street! ** • Participate in a…
  • Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Start Time: 11:00am Any child who has had their first birthday must have a ticket.
    When magician extraordinaire Justin visits Sesame Street to put on a magic show for the whole neighborhood, Elmo wants to be part of the big event. But there's one problem...Elmo doesn't know how to do magic! That's when Elmo teams up with Abby and Justin, embarking on an amazing…
  • Victorian Homes Tour (Historic Guthrie - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Go back in time with a close-up view of Guthrie's historic architecture on the Victorian Homes Tour. The tour…

Sunday, Dec 9th

  • Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant (Edmond) Last Day The Boys Ranch Town Drive-Thru Christmas Pageant has been an annual gift from Boys Ranch Town to the community and visitors…
  • 🎭 Brian Regan (The Criterion - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Gather your whole crew and head to Bricktown for an evening of family-friendly laughs when comedy legend Brian Regan takes…
  • Christmas Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Dec 22nd Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on the Christmas Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…
  • Fort Reno Christmas Guns (Historic Fort Reno - El Reno) Quite literally a blast from the past, Fort Reno Christmas Guns is a tradition brought here by German immigrants. The…
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Hip Hop Nutcracker (OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Ring in the holidays with a fun remix of a Christmas classic at RACE Dance Company's production of the Hip Hop…
  • Home for the Holidays: A Gift of American Dance (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) Last Day Get in the rhythm of the holidays with a Broadway-style dance extravaganza at Oklahoma City University. Come marvel at…
  • R.K. Gun Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 For a high quality gun show with great prices and selection, visit the R.K. Gun Show in Oklahoma City. Held at Oklahoma…
  • Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Start Time: 11:00am Any child who has had their first birthday must have a ticket.
    When magician extraordinaire Justin visits Sesame Street to put on a magic show for the whole neighborhood, Elmo wants to be part of the big event. But there's one problem...Elmo doesn't know how to do magic! That's when Elmo teams up with Abby and Justin, embarking on an amazing…
  • Victorian Homes Tour (Historic Guthrie - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Go back in time with a close-up view of Guthrie's historic architecture on the Victorian Homes Tour. The tour…

Monday, Dec 10th

  • Christmas Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Dec 22nd Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on the Christmas Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Utah Jazz (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Experience the thrill of fast-paced pro basketball as the Oklahoma City Thunder takes on the Utah Jazz. Wear your blue and…
  • Victorian Homes Tour (Historic Guthrie - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Go back in time with a close-up view of Guthrie's historic architecture on the Victorian Homes Tour. The tour…

Tuesday, Dec 11th

  • Christmas Express (Oklahoma Railway Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Dec 22nd Get in the holiday spirit with a festive ride on the Christmas Express. Board this Oklahoma City train to make holiday…
  • Heavenly Holidays (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Liven up the holiday season and attend a performance of "Heavenly Holidays" at the UCO Jazz Lab in Edmond.…
  • Victorian Homes Tour (Historic Guthrie - Guthrie) Thru Sat, Dec 15th Go back in time with a close-up view of Guthrie's historic architecture on the Victorian Homes Tour. The tour…

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High Noon Casino Video Review - Casinos-Online-888.com ... High Noon Casino Review  CasinosOnline.com - YouTube High Noon Casino Review & Ratings by megacasinobonuses ... [NO DEPOSIT HIGH NOON CASINO BONUS CODES]  ‘HIGHNOON ... GTA San Andreas - High Noon - Casino mission 10 - Method ... Download HighNoon Casino For Free - YouTube

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High Noon Casino Video Review - Casinos-Online-888.com ...

High Noon Casino Review & Ratings by http://megacasinobonuses.com/review/high-noon-casino/ Download GTA San Andreas for PC (full game) http://amzn.to/2ADrm76 Download GTA San Andreas for Android (full game) http://amzn.to/2kwHnI0 Support me on Patr... HighNoon is a reputable online casino using RTG software.Read full High Noon review and real testimonials at Gambling Gazette at http://www.gambling-gazette.... 🎰 play at ‘highnoon casino’ for free after you sign up through playslots4realmoney.com and use our no deposit bonus codes.play casino games free at htt... US Players Welcome. Read a full review of High Noon casino and pick an exclusive bonuses http://casinos-online-888.com/online-casino-review/309-high-noon-cas... Here's a little video preview of High Noon Casino.For a full High Noon Casino review please visit: http://www.casinosonline.com/casino-reviews/high-noon-casi...